10 Amazing Wholefoods Hacks + Recipes

Photo by Lottie Hedley

In life, there are a few things that seem to motivate one to get ‘healthy’, the new year being one of these. You might have started 2017 with a bang, convinced you had nailed meal prep and making green smoothies on the regular, but then what happens? Work picks up and life gets in the way, so it’s back to what’s convenient.We often choose less healthy options not because we want to, or necessarily because we crave them, but because of the convenience they provide. Milk, tomato sauce, jam, ice cream and cheese are often staples in kiwi kitchens. We grew up with these foods, it’s what we know.

Thing is, these staples are often loaded with refined sugars, additives, preservatives and pro-inflammatory saturated fats. We know it can be hard switching to a more wholefoods plant-based diet, because well, wholefoods are whole, and so they do require more time and effort than processed convenience foods (but it’s worth it!).

You may be thinking you just don’t have time to soak, blend and squeeze almonds to make nut milk, or that you only have 5 minutes in the morning. You’re not alone. So, to help you get more plant-based wholefoods in your life, we’ve got 10 simple wholefood hacks to create delicious meals that will boost your nutrition and have you well on your way to your healthiest year yet! (and save you money too!).

We shared some of our favourite hacks with Ceres Organics. Find the full article and recipes here

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