Huka Lodge Wellness Retreat with Megan May

Huka Lodge offers the perfect venue for a Wellness Retreat. Its nurturing location nestled on the banks of the Waikato River enjoys unrivaled beauty and a palpable connection to nature. The mature 17-acre grounds feature lovingly tended gardens filled with birdsong, offering peace, sanctuary and perfect retreat from the stresses and challenges of everyday life.

This Huka Lodge Wellness Retreat brings together the talents of three remarkable young women – Nikki Ralston, Lucy Vincent and our very own Megan May. These women all share a commitment to helping us all bring about significant and defining change in our lives. Over this two-night retreat they will give you the tools, knowledge and empowerment to look at your lifestyle and to bring about the sort of transformation you need in order to experience increased energy and wellbeing.

For the Huka Lodge Wellness Retreat a tailor-made programme has been created by these presenters to include classes, workshops and activities designed to make this weekend truly impactful and inspiring for all those participating. Find out more and purchase your tickets here

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