Beauty from the Outside in, and Inside out - February 15th

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Here at Little Bird we take a very natural and holistic approach to life, being very conscious about how what we eat, and the products we use on our skin affect our health and wellbeing.

The beauty industry is profound, with many products offering us the promise of youthful glowing skin, without informing us of the chemicals used, and the long term effects not only on our skin, but overall health - you could equate using these products to eating junk food every day! (which we all know is bad for our health!).

Therefore, we wanted to host a workshop and panel discussion to bring you a holistic and mindful approach to beauty, by collaborating with some leading experts in Natural Beauty, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbalism and Clinical Psychology, with the goal of empowering you to make better and more informed decisions around what you put into your body, and on your skin to achieve radiant healthy skin, naturally.

Sharon McGlinchey, founder of internationally award-winning beauty brand MV Organics, with a celebrity cult following of the likes of Emma Watson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Poppy & Cara Delevingne and Brooke Shields will dispel common beauty myths to give you clarity and peace of mind, touching on how what we put on our skin affects our health, how you can significantly improve the condition of your skin once understanding all of the common mistakes we make and why less in more.

Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness trainer Lize Ligthelm will then touch on the impacts of stress on our bodies, minds and beauty, mindfulness as a key to wellness and how to incorporate it into our lives, and lastly how you can enhance both inner and outer beauty through mindful eating.

Nutritionist and Naturopath Nellie Pigot will then touch on the nutrition side of things, and how to eat for maximal energy and glowing skin. Nellie will touch on eating for optimal digestion and gut health, and how they play a crucial role in hormonal functioning, skin health and overall energy, the role of xenoestrogens and environmental toxins, and how we can reduce our exposure and minimise their impact.

Medical Herbalist and Naturopath Sarinah Hurford will discuss how the healing properties of herbs can be used to treat problematic skin issues to promote healthy, radiant and clear skin. The topics covered will include phytonutrients for nourishing and revitalising skin, how to promote efficient hormone metabolism, encourage healthy detox pathways, stimulate lymphatic flow, eliminate stored toxins and impurities from the blood, and reduce inflammation and congestion.

The evening will then conclude with a panel discussion hosted by Megan May, with Sharon McGlinchey, Lize Ligthelm, Nellie Pigot, Sarinah Hurford and Heidi Billington, owner of Natural Health & Wellness Clinic, Tonic Room.


Ticket price includes nibbles, treats and drinks designed by Megan May for optimal skin health, take home beauty food recipes by Megan, tips and tricks from all the speakers, and a Goodie Bag with product from MV Organics, The Beauty Chef, Ceres Organics and a bespoke tea blend to promote optimal skin health from The Tonic Room

If you would like to anonymously submit any questions for the panel discussion, please email

Where: Summer Street Unbakery
Time: 7pm- 9.30pm
Date: February 15th 2018
Cost: $75

Cancellation Policy

  • For a full refund, cancellations must be made a minimum of 3 days prior to the class.
  • A cancellation fee of 20% of the total ticket price will be charged for cancellations made with less than 3 days notice, but more than 48 hours notice. 
  • If a cancellation is made less than 48 hours before a class, or a class attendee doesn’t turn up, then the full ticket is non-refundable. 
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