Medicinal Maca Masterclass – managing mental health, fatigue and stress

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In this workshop, research scientist Dr Corin Storkey and Peruvian botanical expert Sally Huapaya, co-founders of Seleno Health; will take you through an in-depth introduction to endocannabinoid modulators and traditional preparation of medicinal maca.

You'll learn how they can be used to balance hormones, mood, boost immunity, relieve stress and exhaustion and increase energy and vitality. Understand where Maca fits into the big picture of health, chronic stress, its role within your body’s nervous system and unique modes of action that only maca can produce within your brain and how it responds to stress.

Topics Discussed

  • The ancient traditions of maca and "her rules"
  • Macamides and the endocannabinoid system
  • Endocannabinoids, macamides, CBD and cannabis
  • The biochemistry of maca – relating the tradition with the scientific research
  • The different colours of maca - yellow, red and black
  • Identifying symptoms and choosing the right maca for you
  • Clinical studies and case studies of complex and chronic conditions
  • Delicious ways to consume maca and dosing guidelines


Ticket price includes maca tastings – Incan tea, maca keto bombs, maca cacao logs.

Together, Corin and Sally will show you how to incorporate maca and maca extracts into your diet in delicious ways; including teas, porridge, lattes, soups, stews and smoothies.

Enjoy 10% OFF Seleno Health at the end of the night.

Where: Summer Street Unbakery
Time: 6.30pm- 8.30pm
Date: April 9th 2018
Cost: $19 ($25 door sales on the night)


Workshop Testimonials

“I am really looking forward to trying maca myself as I knew very little about it before the workshop. Can’t wait to attend another workshop in the future! It was such an enjoyable evening!”

- Annie, Naturopath Auckland

“All of it was very informative and was a good balance of science and tradition”

- Linda, Naturopath Auckland

“Just attended a well thought out and inspiring presentation on maca. The sincerity and clarity at which the guy spoke on the spiritual, medicinal and scientific elements of maca was great, but the social change and genuine ethos they hold themselves to I support even more. Have been using maca for the past year and now I’ve found an ethical, charitable, high quality, farm to table, business to support. Thank you!”

- Kimberly, Wellington

“Highly recommend Seleno, by far my greatest discovery to date was learning from these guys at a workshop. Please never stop what you are doing, you are truly making a massive difference in the world!"

- Laura, Auckland

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