1 Day Total Wellness Cleanse


Our Total Wellness Cleanse is a great introduction to the cleanse regime. The variety and flavours in the pack will keep you entertained while you let your digestive system take a breather.

Please note orders require 2 days notice
  • All Cleanse Packs are now sent out by evening courier at no additional cost (provided you live within our delivery radius). Please confirm your address is within our delivery radius.
  • The date you select will be the day your delivery will occur i.e. the evening prior to commencing your cleanse. 
    Delivery available Monday evening - Friday evening, (excluding public holidays), for cleanses commencing Tuesday - Saturday. 
  • The bottles - we sanitise and reuse these. Please rinse and return to Little Bird Kitchen for a $1 per bottle cafe credit*. (*Must be used at time of return, address below) They can also be recycled.
    The bottle tags - these are made from 80% building industry waste, and we reuse them - please return with the bottles. They can also be recycled.

      The Pack Includes:

      • Defence Tonic
      • Morning Grapefruit & Passionfruit Kefir 
      • Cold Pressed Green Juice 
      • Cold Pressed Beetroot, Carrot & Ginger 
      • Cacao, Almond and Dandy Blend 
      • Cold Pressed Cucumber & Spinach with Spirulina 
      • To finish the day - One Delicious Raw Organic Salad

      Courier Zones
       *Please check you are within our delivery radius.


          Our bodies are incredible things and they want to be healthy and function well. By giving them good nutrition and proper rest they have the ability to do repair and restoration all on their own.

          You don’t need to take a day off work in order to survive our pack. You will give your digestive system a rest while still feeding the cells ample energy to function.

          While there is enough nutrition in each pack to leave you satisfied (when we are hungry we are often hungry for nutrients rather than simply calories), this is not an exercise in deprivation so if you are feeling ravenous at any point we suggest you eat some whole raw vegetables & fruits (with an emphasis on the vegetables, if you are having fruit try and make sure they are low sugar fruits like green apples, kiwifruit or berries).

          Remember to drink plenty of water to help cleanse the body and to incorporate some herbal tea into your day. We recommend nettle, chamomile, peppermint or green tea – the Artemis Liver Detox tea and the Storm and India detox range are also great!

          Our drinks and salads are made fresh daily from Monday – Friday. 

          We deliver each day so if you are doing multiple days and you want it delivered to different addresses let us know. 
          If you have a group of friends or colleagues wanting to give it a go we can look at doing package deals.

          You can email us at cleanse@littlebirdorganics.co.nz for more information any time

          little bird cleanse - Frequently Asked Questions

          Suggested Add-ons to enhance your cleanse:

          We love Storm & India Teas and Artemis Teas - they are delicious blends and truly functional herbal and medicinal grade teas that can enhance your health. For cleansing we recommend drinking the liver & kidney cleanse teas during before and after the cleanse to help maximise your results, Also available in our Cleanse Store

            Nutritionist & Naturopathic Consultations

            If you are looking to know more about cleansing or are looking to create a personalised longer cleansing programme . We recommend you get in touch with the brilliant Nellie, she is a registered nutritionist & naturopath who has practiced both in NZ and the UK. 

            Nellie’s Naturopathic & Nutrition Tips for your Pre & Post Cleansing Days

            Nellie says:

            I am a UK trained naturopath/nutritionist practicing for 8 years at a Holistic Medical Centre in Auckland, an integrated practice working closely with GP's providing optimum nutrition advice to patients.  Ensuring you have abundant nutrients which are optimally 'available' to our bodies makes a huge difference to our vitality, increasing energy, brain power and how we look and feel.

            To get in touch with Nellie;

            Ph: 021 041 9955

            Email: nelliepigot@gmail.com

            You can sometimes catch her in store at our Ponsonby Unbakery.

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