Wednesday Ready-Made Meals - 4 pack


Stock up on our convenient, super nutritious, and delicious ready-to-eat organic meals delivered straight to your door in sustainable packaging. We only use the highest quality local, seasonal and organic produce which means your meal box will contain a selection of what we made fresh on the day of your delivery. It's how we do slow food for full lives. 

Each meal comes in a reusable jar and serves 2 - just $7.10 per serve!

You will receive one of each meal jar plus the fourth a lucky dip. 6 packs receive 2 of each meal. 

Menu for delivery Wednesday 26th January for Auckland. Thursday 27th January for North Island.

Mexi Chilli — A fragrant combination of Mexican spices, black beans and seasonal vegetables. We love how versatile this meal is! Serve with rice and salad or create nachos or tacos at home.

Vege Korma — A delicious rich buttery blend of onion, tomato, spices with braised vegetables in a coconut and cashew cream. Enjoy with a side of your favourite rice or Sprouted Loaf and a side of greens.

Tom kah -  a fresh, zesty combination of vegetables in a light flavourful coconut broth makes this a super versatile and flavourful soup. Pair with your favourite noodles.

Menu for delivery Wednesday 2nd February for Auckland. Thursday 3rd February for North Island.

Corn chowder - a Little Bird all-time favourite. Smokey, fresh and sweet - this soup is destined for summer evenings and is packed full of tasty, organic goodness that everyone will love. Pair with our Sprouted Loaf.

Smokey BBQ lentils - a plant-powered, healthy, and protein-packed meal - our BBQ lentils are uniquely smokey with caramelised onions adding a subtle sweetness. Enjoy with a side of rice and a dollop of our hummus.

Butterbean Ratatouille - a Little Bird take on a classic French dish - our ratatouille is loaded with flavour and lightly cooked vegetables combined with white beans. Delicious with a slice of your favourite bread or our Sprouted Loaf.

Complete your meal with:

— One of our sprouted loaves. Half and full loaves are available. 

— Eco Organics Gluten-Free Organic Black Bean Spaghetti (200 g / serves 4). $7.50.

— Jasberry Purple Rice (500g / serves 10) $10.50. No rinsing is required. This rice is super high in antioxidants, organic and B Corp certified.

Pick up and delivery

We recommend picking up from our Ponsonby cafe if you can - available for collection the morning after the date you choose.

Little Bird Kitchen
1 Summer St (Rear Tenancy down Summer St)
Ponsonby, Auckland

Alternatively, we can send Auckland & North Island wide. Please confirm your address is within our delivery radius.

Date Selection
Your date selection is the day of dispatch. Auckland Metro cleanses are dispatched the afternoon of your selected date and delivered that evening. 


Our meal jars keep in the fridge for up to 5 days or longer in the freezer. 


These jars are made to be re-used, but if you don’t need them, you can return them to us for a $1 refund per jar. 


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