Holistic and Chemical Free Living Workshop

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Here at Little Bird we like to take a very natural and holistic approach to life – from the products we put on our own and our family’s skin, to the products we use to clean our home, to what we choose to put in our own and our loved ones mouths.

Therefore, with our holistic living workshop we want to show you how easy it is to live a holistic lifestyle both physically and mentally, helping you and your family thrive in the most natural way possible.

Our first focus will be on nutrition. Our very own Megan May and Naturopath and Nutritionist Nellie Pigot will discuss pre and post natal nutrition for you and baby, showing you some simple recipes along the way that are just as convenient as conventional options, but full of wholefoods rather than preservatives and additives.

Secondly, we will focus on how to have a chemical free home. Homemade cleaning and beauty products guru Wendyl Nissen will show you how to make your own household cleaning and care products that are not only cheap, but safe for you and your family too. She’ll take you back to the old days of how your nana used to live, showing you how you can incorporate these practices easily into your modern day life. 

Lastly, in addition to a healthy diet and home, a holistic approach to wellbeing requires looking at the mental and physical aspects of having a baby.Therefore, we have teamed up with Stacey Law and Rebecca Dodson, Women's Health Physiotherapists and Pilates Instructors from Leto Women's Health, and Clinical Psychologist Dr Vicki Connop from The Centre. Stacey and Rebecca will take you through a sequence of prenatal exercise options, discuss the best ways to deal with common pregnancy issues, and how to support your body through pregnancy, birth and motherhood! Dr Connop will then talk about the emotional aspect of having a baby, taking you through some breathing and mindfulness practices to help you manage your mood and maintain a sense of balance in the midst of all the changes.

Ticket price includes some light nibbles, treats and drinks catered by Little Bird Organics. 


*This event has been postponed. Please contact jasmin@littlebirdorganics.co.nz if you are interested in attending the rescheduled event. 

Goodie bags sponsored by Nature Baby, Ceres Organics, Mo + Mel , The Tonic Room and Storm & India. 

About the speakers...

Megan May

It was a history of food allergies and illness which eventually led trained chef Megan to discover raw food which not only healed her, but provided her with glowing vitality. It was out of this healing process that she founded Little Bird Organics, a unique business with the goal of spreading the life-changing benefits of a fresh, organic and mainly raw diet. Megan has since cemented her place as one of Auckland’s most important and influential chefs, and continues to speak and present at organised events around the country, as well as regularly writing for Taste Magazine. 

Wendyl Nissen

Wendyl Nissen is the best-selling author of the back-to-basics books Domestic Goddess on a Budget, A Home Companion – My year of living like my grandmother, Mother’s Little Helper – an old-fashioned guide to raising your baby chemical-free and Wendyl Nissen’s Supermarket Companion – how to bring home good food. She has helped thousands of people change their lives overnight by turning back the clock to a simpler, more natural life led by our grandmothers with her personal motto: It’s Okay to Be a Nana. She is a well-known writer, broadcaster and businesswoman who is the driving force behind Wendyl’s Green Goddess natural cleaning products, is a columnist for the New Zealand Herald and the New Zealand Woman’s Weekly.

Stacey Law

Stacey has nine years experience in physiotherapy (private practice) and pilates, having trained to an advanced level in Clinical Pilates. She also has post graduate training in women's health from the University of Melbourne (Post Grad Certificate Exercise for Women) and has a special interest in pregnancy and post natal exercise/ issues, pelvic floor dysfunction and using pilates as a rehabilitation tool. Stacey has worked with a number of top New Zealand athletes and sports teams. She enjoys challenging clients to learn more about their bodies and how they can get the best out of them.

Rebecca Dodson

Rebecca has over 12 years experience working as a Sports, Orthopaedic and Womens Health Physiotherapist in both NZ and the UK. She is a Credentialled Mckenzie therapist specialising in neck, back and pelvic pain and has completed extensive post graduate training in Clinical Pilates, Acupuncture , Manual therapy and Womens Health. She has a particular interest in the prevention and rehabilitation of pregnancy related back and pelvic pain, and post-natal recovery of form and fitness.

Dr Vicki Connop

Trained in the UK, therapist and registered clinical psychologist Dr Vicki Connop has over 13 years’ experience working with a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression, grief and loss, overwhelming emotions, relationship issues, self-esteem, trauma/abuse, and psychological aspects of physical illness. Vicki offers a range of therapeutic approaches according to individual need. She can help clients learn skills such as mindfulness, acceptance and self-compassion, as well as the ability to explore relationship patterns and beliefs and deal with negative past experiences. In addition to her clinical training, Vicki is a qualified yoga teacher. She brings a wealth of knowledge about mind and body and is passionate about a holistic approach to well-being.

Nellie Pigot

Nellie Pigot is a UK trained Nutritionist and Naturopath who has been practising since 1999. She worked as a nutritionist for a major investment bank in London. Since moving to New Zealand in 2002, Nellie has worked as a naturopath in an integrated medical centre working closely with GP's, which resulted in a strong ability to interpret diagnostic medical tests. Nellie has worked closely with Megan May and Little Bird since its inception.

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