Teeccino Mocha

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75% Certified Organic. Medium Roast - full, smooth body.

Lush chocolate over the essence of coffee with a hint of sweetness. We know few people who don't have a secret chocoholic side to their personality. Fortunately in Teeccino, there's just enough cocoa powder to deliver that desirable chocolate flavour, but without noticeable stimulation from Theobromine, chocolate's main stimulant. Caffeine is such a small part of cocoa that it doesn't show up in the cup of Teeccino. So when you want to indulge that chocolate craving without the calories or the fat, you can safely find refuge in Mocha.

Ingredients: Organic carob, organic barley, chicory, organic chicory, organic dates, almonds, natural mocha flavour, organic figs, organic cocoa powder.

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