1 Day - Build Your Own Meal Plan

Want fresh, delicious wholesome food for a whole day, without having to think about making it?
Our Build Your Own Meal Plan is what you need.
Pick your breakfast, lunch, dinner, get a snack, and a juice, or just choose lunch and dinner, or any mix you'd like....

Date Selection

Your date selection is the day of dispatch. Auckland Metro cleanses are dispatched the afternoon of your selected date and delivered that evening. For Greater Auckland and North Island orders, delivery should be the day following dispatch.

The Plan Can Include: 

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Afternoon Snack (cookies not included in discount promotions)
  • Cold Pressed Juice (from our squeezery)
  • Or any combination of the above

We've created our raw meal plan packs for people who want to give their bodies a reboot while enjoying a perfect combination of amazing fresh raw food for the day! 

The little bird Meal Plan Pack is great for people: 

  • Who want to give their body a break from bad habits and reboot.
  • Are time-poor and want to know they are getting an abundance of fresh raw food in their diet but don’t have time to prepare it for themselves
  • Who are new to raw food and want to see what it tastes and feels like to eat delicious raw food for the day
  • Who are suffering from poor health and/or fatigue and want to ensure they are eating to the best of their ability
  • Who simply wish to have their meals for the day taken care of in the most delicious and healthiest of ways!

We hope that this will not only make you feel great on the days that you order it, but that the delicious plant-based food will inspire you to regularly incorporate more raw foods into your diet in order that your body can thrive every day.

Auckland Metro Deliveries

All cleanses within the Urgent Courier Zone are delivered via evening courier. Delivery is complimentary. Please confirm your address is within our delivery radius.

Auckland Metro delivery is available Monday evening to Friday evening (excluding public holidays) for cleanses commencing Tuesday—Saturday. 

Greater Auckland and North Island Deliveries

We have partnered with Courier Post to provide overnight delivery service with a flat fee of $10 per daily meal plan. Your delivery time will be dependent on your local courier. 

You will receive a confirmation email with information regarding your cleanse and a tracking link. In addition, you will receive an SMS notification once your cleanse has been delivered. We recommend refrigerating your cleanse the evening of delivery to preserve the vital nutrients and commencing the following morning.

If you cannot be at home to receive your delivery, please make a note stating where your delivery can be safely left. Providing a chilly bin will help maintain the chilled integrity of our Cleanse Box. We expect delivery to arrive before 5 pm on the day following dispatch (but we cannot guarantee this).

Greater Auckland and North Island delivery is available Tuesday—Friday for cleanses commencing Wednesday—Saturday. Saturday deliveries are available for an additional $5.50. Please contact us to arrange Saturday delivery. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to rural addresses. 


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