3 Day Clean Green Cleanse


Our Clean Green juice cleanse was developed to provide your body with potent plant nutrition — temporarily eliminating common inflammation triggers and giving your body a break from the stress of digesting dense foods. More than a detox, our cleanses are an opportunity to reinforce our immune system and energise the mind and body.

The Pack Includes:
  • Defence Tonic
  • Turmeric Passionfruit Hydration Aid
  • Drink Your Greens x2
  • Matcha & Mint Milk 
  • Cucumber Kawakawa Cooler
  • Clean Greens x2
  • Evening Meal 
Please note orders require 2 days notice
  • All Cleanse Packs are delivered via evening courier at no additional cost (provided you live within our delivery radius). Please confirm your address is within our delivery radius.

  • The date you select will be the day your delivery will occur i.e. the evening prior to commencing your cleanse. 

  • Delivery is available Monday evening to Friday evening, (excluding public holidays), for cleanses commencing Tuesday - Saturday. 

  • The bottles - we sanitise and reuse these. Please rinse and return to Little Bird Kitchen for a $1 per bottle cafe credit*. Credit must be redeemed at the time of return. They can also be recycled.
Courier Zones

 *Please check you are within our delivery radius.

We deliver DAILY. If you require delivery to multiple addresses, please let us know in comments at checkout.

Thinking about cleansing with friends or work colleagues? Send us an email for more information on group pricing offers.

Further information




Nutritionist & Naturopathic Consultations

Introducing Nellie Pigot

Often when we feel out of balance, when we are not our most vibrant, our diet is the easiest place to start, using food as medicine to bring your body back to its natural state. If a cleanse is for you the beginning of a more permanent lifestyle shift, we recommend you get in touch with Nellie, a registered nutritionist and naturopath (also a friend of Little Bird Organics) who has practised in both the United Kingdom and in New Zealand. Nellie spent eight years at an Integrated Holistic Medical Centre in Auckland.

Nellie Pigot practises as a holistic nutrition consultant in Ponsonby, Auckland — on a mission to break down the walls that constrict our view of diet, nourishment and supplementation. Nellie’s holistic approach and clinical experience coupled with her focus on plant-based nutrition, hormone and gut health ring true for us here at Little Bird Organics.

To get in touch with Nellie:

Ph: 021 041 9955

Email: nelliepigot@gmail.com


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