5 Day Winter Warmer Cleanse


We’ve created a new limited-edition seasonal cleanse, overflowing with nourishment to keep you healthy during winter! 

This Winter cleanse is designed for the colder conditions to create a warming and calming effect in our bodies. This cleanse is brimming with phytochemicals, betalains and nitrates to help reduce inflammation, oxidative stress and improve heart health, blood flow, and the immune system. The ingredients used in this cleanse help reduce blood sugar crashes and nourish our bodies on a cellular level.

The pack includes:

  • 1x Defence Tonic
  • 2x Brilliant Brassicas Juice
  • 1x Drop Your Beets
  • 1x Miso Shitake Broth
  • 1x Seasonal Vegetable Soup
  • 1x Golden Spice Milk
  • 1x Hibiscus Brew.ti.ful Tea by Tea Thief

While it is a wonderful warming cleanse, it is low calories around 800-900 (variability depending on the soup).  This is lower than our regular cleanses (Wellness, Green) and is only comprised of liquids and is designed to work in with a lot of popular fasting protocols. This cleanse is designed for someone that is a more seasoned cleanser. If you are new to cleansing or have a demanding job or are doing exercise, we recommend adding in our detox salad to bring it up to around 1100-1200 calories

We hope this cleanse will give you the mid-winter restart for your body and mind. At Little Bird we believe eating and drinking foods in harmony with the season syncs the body with the environment and maximizes our nutrition and mood over the winter months.


We need a 3 day notice period to prepare your cleanse (from when you order).

Please confirm your address is within our delivery radius for Auckland.

Auckland pick-up (not available on Mondays) - available for collection at 9.30am on the calendar date you choose. Little Bird Kitchen, 1 Summer St, Ponsonby, Auckland.

Auckland delivery - takes place between 6-9 pm on the delivery date selected, Mon-Fri.

North Island delivery - takes place the day AFTER the delivery date selected, Mon-Thurs.

Unfortunately, we can’t deliver on weekends or to rural addresses. See our shipping policy here.

Recycling packaging - You’ll receive your order in one of Chilltainers which you can bring back to Little Bird Kitchen to be recycled along with the bottle tags. Make use of our bottle return system and bring back your rinsed bottles for a 50c credit to use at Little Bird Kitchen.



Our promise - We source the highest quality organic ingredients whenever possible—99% of the ingredients in our cakes are organic! From the very beginning, we have held using all organic products in the highest regard—foods free from GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical inputs used today in conventional agriculture.

Nutritionist & Naturopathic Consultations with Nellie Pigot

If a cleanse is for you the beginning of a more permanent lifestyle shift, we recommend you get in touch with Nellie, a registered nutritionist and naturopath (also a friend of Little Bird Organics) who has practised in both the United Kingdom and in New Zealand. Nellie spent eight years at an Integrated Holistic Medical Centre in Auckland.

Nellie Pigot practices as a holistic nutrition consultant over zoom — on a mission to break down the walls that constrict our view of diet, nourishment and supplementation. Nellie’s holistic approach and clinical experience coupled with her focus on plant-based nutrition, hormone and gut health ring true for us here at Little Bird Organics.

To get in touch with Nellie:
Email: nelliepigot@gmail.com

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