LifeFoods Cacao Powder 250g


LifeFoods Raw Certified Organic Heirloom Cacao Powder is truly very special, as it is NOT farmed, but instead collected from the rain forest regions of Ecuador by locals on donkey back! The cacao trees in this region are up to 80 years old and grow in volcanic regions with super high nutrient soil. This means you get the best cacao possible!

LifeFoods Raw Certified Organic Cacao is from a special heirloom variety known as Arriba Nacionale, which is considered by many to be the highest quality cacao with a brilliant taste.

LifeFoods Cacao is cold-pressed, which means the temperature is never allowed to exceed 47 degrees Celsius, allowing it to retain it's raw form and it's rich flavour. This subsequently means it maintains it's abundance of antioxidants so you get the maximum health benefits. We do NOT machine dry our cacao, but instead use drying fields to naturally dry the cacao to once again ensure our customers of a truly RAW product.

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