Chai Guy Turmeric Chai Tea Concentrate

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Boost your immunity and treat your body to this nourishing and delicious tea that is already brewed for you - no steeping required! Earthy, aromatic, and perfect hot or as an iced tea, this turmeric chai will be a daily fix.

250ml bottle of concentrate makes 23+ cups of organic Chai tea.


Springwater, chai spices (certified organic), lemon juice.


Use 15- 20ml ( 1 Tablespoon =15ml )  of concentrate  / 225ml DAIRY milk.

Use 5-10ml ( 1 Teaspoon = 5ml ) / 225ml of PLANT milk.

If milk is ‘thinner’ (plant) or has less fat (trim) or you use some water in the mix, use about 1/2 as much concentrate.

Locally produced from organic ingredients. Refrigerate after opening.

About Chai Guy

Chai Guy founder, Dean Sproull, has over 30 years experience in the organic food industry and will settle for nothing less than the best quality products. He steadfastly continues his exploration of organic, sustainable food practices to this day, with the intention of making organic and ethically-sourced food accessible to everyone. We are so lucky to be surrounded by producers like Chai Guy, who are part of the movement pushing for the improvement of our own health and that of the world around us.

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