Nuts, seeds, grains and the art of Sprouting - 17 March

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Nuts, seeds, grains & the art of sprouting: Little bird nutrition classes with Nellie Pigot & Maria Salom 

Join Nellie and Maria and dive deep into the world of nuts, seeds and grains, its do’s and don’ts, and learn how to make some seriously good recipes.

Here at Little bird we soak and sprout our nuts, seeds and grains to get the best nutrient value possible. Sprouting your food really wakes up the goodness, it’s easier to digest and it costs nothing; we will cover some of the different methods of sprouting and some practical ways to use them in your meals.

The classes are run by Nellie Pigot who is a UK trained naturopath/nutritionist currently practising at The Centre in Kingsland. Nellie is passionate about teaching people how and why wholefoods nutrition is so important to creating a healthy body. (You can learn a little more about Nellie further down). And Maria Salom – trained chef from Argentina, who is passionate about healthy vegan foods, Himalayan sea salt (sometimes a little too much) and has been with Little bird for over 2 years soaking up the goodness. Maria will be showing you how to incorporate this nutritional knowledge into delicious recipes

These classes are a complete series of 3- Running consecutively each class has a specific focus that will complement the next week’s info - you can come to one or all of them.

They run from 7pm -9pm on Thursday 3rd Thursday 10th & Thursday 17th  of March 2016  
Per class - $85
If you book for all 3 - $230 giving you a 10% discount
Location - The Unbakery – Corner of Summer St and Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby  


Nellie says:

II trained and practiced in the UK as a Holistic Nutritionist and Naturopath from 1999 before arriving in New Zealand 14 years ago.  I worked for 9 years at the Holistic Medical Centre, an integrative practice in Auckland and now at The Centre, a multi-style yoga and wellness centre above the original Little Bird Cafe in Kingsland.  Over that time I have seen the amazing benefits to patients health when they embrace a wholefood, predominantly plant based diet incorporating some raw, sprouted and fermented foods. The increased nutrient value and availability to our bodies of these foods makes a huge difference to our vitality, increasing energy, brain power and how we look and feel. Little Birds philosophy of "mostly raw, organic and full of goodness" is one that I share wholeheartedly.

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