Cleansing Class

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Little Bird and The Centre are teaming up with our own Nellie the Nutritionist to help you sort fact from fiction when it comes to cleansing. Nellie will give an overview on the value of cleansing, the influence a cleanse has on your body and the benefits of cleansing for your overall health with a particular emphasis on gut, liver, kidney and immune function.

Nellie is a firm advocate of a holistic approach to cleansing. She will inform a way of eating that allows people to cleanse naturally on a regular basis. A diet that is predominately whole foods and plant-based takes pressure off the organs responsible for detoxing the body. Nellie will also discuss the different modalities that can be of further benefit to the cleansing process such as infrared saunas, meditation, yoga etc. all of which are on offer at the Centre.

Little Birds’ carefully formulated cleanse will be available for tasting and there will be an array of special offers to take advantage of.  Ticket numbers are strictly limited and at only $25 this will sell out.  

Join Nellie at our Summer St Unbakery on Thursday Feb 19th at 7pm.

Tickets are strictly limited and and at only $25, this will sell out.

(Once purchased you name will go on the door for the night)

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