Cold-Pressed Almond Milk


No added sugar, no chemicals, nothing but organic almonds, water and a pinch of sea salt! There's no pasteurisation, preservatives or gums—how it should be! We soak and then activate our almonds before cold-pressing daily so for the most energised, nutrient-dense almond milk out there! And our almond milk is ULTRA fresh. 

We're making it daily, delivering it fresh to Summer St too, so your almond milk will be freshly pressed on the day of your delivery date—it doesn't get fresher than this! This is the almond milk we use in our milk-based smoothies and why they taste EXTRA good! Use it for your cereal, coffee, tonics, sauces, baking, smoothies and more!!

Available for delivery with any of our fresh items or pickup if you would like to purchase by itself.

Please aim to order with 2 days notice 


Organic Activated Almonds, Filtered Water, Sea Salt. 

Gluten-Free. Dairy-Free. Vegan. Organic. Keto-Friendly.


Please confirm your address is within our delivery radius. Deliveries are made between 5pm and 9pm. We do not deliver on Saturday or Sunday. For more information, please see our shipping policy.

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