Good Cookie Gift Box


Surprise someone special with a delicious tasting pack of our amazing plant based, gluten free, organic Good Cookies, in our cute little 3 cookie box.

Select one of each flavour or triple down on a favourite - you cant go wrong when the gift is cookies! 

Good for You - These cookies have been handmade using simple wholefood ingredients with no added nonsense or compromise on taste - they're as good for your body as they are for your taste buds.

Good for the Earth - Nourishing food starts with healthy soil. By choosing only the best organic ingredients, our goal is to make a cookie that nourishes you while nurturing the earth. Our cookies are all wrapped up in 100% plant-based compostable materials too!

Plant Based • Raw • Wheat Free • Organic Wholefoods
Activated Nuts and Seeds • Dairy Free • Nutrient Rich

Compost Alert! 

Our cookie pouches are normally made from compostable materials, but due to a major material supply delay we have had to use conventional packaging for this packet. We will be switching back to our wonderful composting material for our very next print run.

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