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We recently had the pleasure of hosting David and Luise of Green Kitchen Stories for two evening cooking classes. Green Kitchen Stories is their second book, and its just lovely.

Here's what they have to say about it:

Our first cookbook, The Green Kitchen (UK/Australian edition) / Vegetarian Everyday (US edition) is published by the talented people at Hardie Grant London and Rizzoli New York.

The book is filled with 100 recipes from our everyday life, along with some simple tips on how to get a more varied and greener pantry. We have tried to keep it simple, basic and very useful. It is the kind of food that we do often at home. Not all of our recipes can be whipped together in 20 minutes, but many of them can (a few in even less time). Some of them will take hours, but they are worth it. We have tried to make sure that there will be lots of recipes to choose from (or adapt) if you are vegan or have any allergies. Most of the recipes are gluten free.

As usual, we have found food inspiration from all over the globe. But this time we have also thrown a little bit of our Scandinavian heritage into this book. A classic dark Danish rye bread, a Swedish hash pan, a cold Danish berry soup, a curried egg salad, a mouthwatering pancake cake and delicious thin crisp bread. Always with our own healthy twist.

Most of the recipes are written solely for this book, but we have also included our favorites from the blog. They have new photos and many of them have also been altered in different ways – new flavors have been added, the way of preparing them have been perfected or new suggestions what to serve them with. So even though you might recognize a recipe, it might be worth trying it again.

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