Grown & Gathered - Kelmarna Session

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Australia’s Grown & Gathered present 2 sessions on traditional, wholesome food, thoughtful consumerism, how to live a sustainable, waste-free existence and the value of trade without money. 

Come and listen to Matt and Lentil of Grown & Gathered share their view on what sustainability really looks like – beyond just food. As they discuss what they refer to as ‘thoughtful consumerism’.

Participants will learn practical ways to incorporate sustainable thinking into every element of their day-to-day life (growing, working, eating, buying and living) and why doing this is so integral to real happiness.

Learn about the importance of eating traditional, wholesome food for the health of ourselves and our environment and leave with a knowledge of what traditional, wholesome foods actually are beyond all the marketing spin.

Finally, amongst anecdotes both hilarious and insightful, learn the wonderful richness trading without money has brought to Matt and Lentil’s life, the traditional role of trade, the challenges one can face when you remove money from the transaction and how trade fosters creativity and innovation.


First session – 4th June $80

6.00 - 8.00pm, hosted at our Ponsonby Unbakery 

Includes your ticket to the talk, light snacks, wild teas and glorious Little Bird sweet treats.


Both nights will include lots of Q&A time, demonstrations of how to make your own gluten free sourdough bread, TOOTHPASTE and tastes of Matt and Lentil’s famous long-fermented, gluten-free sourdough bread, pickles and feta (if customs will allow it in!).

Everyone to receive a handout, including simple checklists of how to incorporate sustainable thinking and waste-free living into their lifestyle. 

We would also encourage all participants to bring along something to trade for a posie of foraged flowers or a loaf of bread.

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