Adapting to an Environmentally Toxic World - 3rd November

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Its a universally know fact that our bodies are having to adapt to an ever increasing toxic world. We are incredibly resilient organisms, but the rise in genetic profiling has shown that we aren't entirely able to cope with the onslaught of environmental toxins that are constantly being thrown at us on a daily basis through the food we consume, products we use, and air we breathe. 

Although we can't alter many of these factors which we are exposed to, we can effect the level of our exposure, and how our body responds to and copes with them in order to minimise their harmful effects.

Naturopath and Nutritionist Nellie Pigot will share her wealth of knowledge about environmental toxins, how we are exposed to them, and how we can minimise their impact on our bodies in this in depth one hour talk. 

All attendees will also receive a complimentary goodie bag with items from Only Good, The Tonic Room and Ceres Organics.

Where: Summer Street Unbakery
Time: 6pm-7pm
Date: Thursday 3rd November 
Cost: $29                                                                                                       

Nellie Pigot is a UK trained naturopath and nutritionist, who has been Little Bird's advisor on everything health and wellbeing since its conception. Nellie is passionate about teaching people how and why wholefoods nutrition is so important to creating a healthy body. She trained and practiced in the UK as a Holistic Nutritionist and Naturopath from 1999 before arriving in New Zealand 14 years ago, worked for 9 years at the Holistic Medical Centre, before moving on to The Centre, and now The Wellness Collective above Little bird Kingsland - "over this time I have seen the amazing benefits to patients health when they embrace a wholefood, predominantly plant based diet incorporating some raw, sprouted and fermented foods. The increased nutrient value and availability to our bodies of these foods makes a huge difference to our vitality, increasing energy, brain power and how we look and feel. Little Birds philosophy of "mostly raw,  organic and full of goodness" is one that I share wholeheartedly". 

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