Late at the Museum

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If you are what you eat then who are we as New Zealanders? The first LATE in the 2014 series took a bite out of the mouth-watering topic of food.

Chaired by Jesse Mulligan your expert panel for the evening featured chef and restaurateur Al Brown, AUT Professor of Public Health Grant Schofield, Anne Thorp from the popular TV series Kai Ora and Rod Jackson, Professor of Epidemiology at The University of Auckland.

The panel delved into the culture of food, past, present and beyond. they discussed local eating habits and attempted to answer the ever popular question… ‘what is New Zealand’s national dish?’

There was also a cooking demo from co-founder and owner of the Little Bird Unbakery, Megan May, who spoke about what makes raw food so special. A tasty soundtrack for the evening was served up by Cheese On Toast’s Andrew Tidball.

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