The Unbakery Book & Little Bird Goodness

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Give the gift that keeps on giving to a foodie friend, with the ultimate plant based cookbook collection!

Our first book, The Unbakery features over 130 recipes, including some of our first and favourites from the award winning The Unbakery Cafe.While the recipes in this book are 100 percent raw and plant-based, this book is not designed for only those on a purely, or even predominantly, raw diet. These recipes have been created to inspire everyone - few people would argue that eating more fresh fruits and veggies is a bad thing and turning these into amazing food is what we do best at the unbakery.

Our second book, Little Bird Goodness features over 130 thoroughly irresistible plant-based recipes from her award-winning Little Bird Unbakery cafes and home kitchen, with a mix of both raw and cooked recipes. You'll find recipes for almost every meal to enhance your health, make you feel great and benefit the environment in the process. Ranging from decadent healthy desserts to green smoothies, plus staples such as nut milks, nut cheeses and probiotic-packed fermented foods, including kimchi and kombucha, these dishes will inspire you to fill your plate with an abundance of beautiful plant-based wholefoods. You'll also find many Unbakery cabinet favourites, including the Raspberry Brownie, Raw Snickers and Caramel Slice. 

All of the recipes are suitable for a vegan diet and are gluten- and dairy-free. Most importantly, they are utterly delicious. Life is too short to eat rubbish food! Learn to create delicious plant based meals so you can eat the best tasting food that is also incredible for your health.



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