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We have secured a wonderful (and tiny) space on Customs Street East to create a take-out only version of our unbakery.

Here we will serve an awesome range of ready to go breakfasts, lunches, dinners as well as our famous desserts cabinet. in addition we will be launching a new range of cold pressed juices, nut milks and tonics, made by us and full of nourishing organic goodness.

While our new unbakery is very exciting news, it is also a little stressful. Little Bird has previously been supported by an ethical finance company called Prometheus Finance.

However the day we signed the lease for our new location was also the day we found out Prometheus had gone into voluntary recievership. This is a real bummer for all customers of Prometheus, and a massive loss for social lending in NZ. For Little Bird, it means no more access to finance. Little Bird owners Megan May and husband Jeremy Bennett have long ago invested their life savings into the company, and are hoping the amazing little bird community might now like to get involved!

Visit our Britomart Pledge Me page

the unbakery book's back!

The second edition of the unbakery book is now in stock. Awesome!

Our Unbakery book features over 130 recipes, including many of the favourites from our two years running the cafes. (Including an extensive dessert section... Yum.)

It also features informative sections on raw ingredients, kitchen equipment, health, lifestyle, raw food and organics - and some great little profiles on some of our suppliers!

This has been a mammoth undertaking for us and we are so excited to finally be able to bring it to you all.

You can purchase the book online here or pick it up from one of our cafes next time you are in.

Time to get unbaking!


And a big thank you to everyone who worked on the book with us, especially Lottie Hedley, our amazing photographer. See more of her work here:


International Shipping

We can now ship to NZ, Australia and the UK

If you live outside of these locations and would like us to send you a copy, please send us an email letting us know where you live and we will be able to give you a shipping quote.

For NZ, Australia and the UK - Use the shipping calculator in your cart to get a shipping cost estimate. We have tracked courier and standard air mail options.


Summer Super Boost

Everybody needs a bit of R&R every now and then; our digestive system included. It’s great to give your body a rest from putting so much work into digesting heavy foods. This digestive rest enables you to put increased energy into other areas of the body that need revitalising.

Our Summer Super Boost pack is designed to help you function at a high level while cleansing the body and revitalising your cells. The high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals found in our drinks will strengthen the immune system, increase energy and leave you with a clearer mind and cleaner insides.

The Summer Super Boost Cleanse includes 6 juices & Smoothies and a delicious raw organic salad for dinner, available Monday - Friday.

Our six specifically formulated drinks provide your body with a high density of vitamins, essential minerals, antioxidants and enzymes, while a light evening salad of raw organic vegetables provides the fiber and nutrients essential to keep things in the body moving as well as leaving you satiated enough to sleep soundly.


See our Cleanse tab up the top for more details, or click here!

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