Uncooking School is Back!

Little Bird Un-cooking School is back!
Megan, the creator of little bird & the unbakery book, will show you how to get started at home with creating your own raw, wholefoods ‘un-cooking’ style. She will go through the WHAT’S, WHY’S and most importantly HOW you can create delicious and easy things for you and your family to thrive off.
This approach is not the be all or end all but simply a celebration of how good plants can taste and make you feel when you include more of them into your diet. 
Create, sprout, blend and eat your way to better health and happy taste buds.
We are going to cover & taste a lot!

Fundamentals of Raw 101

  • Making your own easy nut milks, cheeses & tomato Sauce
  • Creating your own living kitchen – growing sprouts
  • Green juices
  • Seasonal smoothies
  • Super simple & nutritious salads & dressings
  • A little something sweet
  • Tastings included!


Where: Summer Street Unbakery
Time: 6:30pm- 8:45pm
Date: Wednesday 24th or  Thursday 25th June
Cost: $85

Book Now

We will also have a little surprise ingredient for you to take home to start your raw journey.
Plus, one lucky person that books into the June classes will go in the draw to win a Ceres Organics raw ingredients hamper!

Winter Sucks Sale

We love Winter... No seriously... the lovely windswept landscape, roaring fires, duvets, cups of tea, wearing slippers... etc.
However, it can be all cold and wet and miserable too. And that sucks.

So we thought we would have a web sale to cheer everyone up.
This time it is a sale off everything in our shop. 20% off.
Even the really expensive stuff.
Does that cheer you up? 
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Winter Wellness

Everybody needs a bit of R&R every now and then; our digestive system included. It’s great to give your body a rest from putting so much work into digesting heavy foods. This digestive rest enables you to put increased energy into other areas of the body that need revitalising.

Our Winter Wellness pack is designed to help you function at a high level while cleansing the body and revitalising your cells. The high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals found in our drinks will strengthen the immune system, increase energy and leave you with a clearer mind and cleaner insides.

The Winter Wellness Pack includes 6 juices & Smoothies and a delicious raw organic salad for dinner, available Monday - Friday.

Our six specifically formulated drinks provide your body with a high density of vitamins, essential minerals, antioxidants and enzymes, while a light evening salad of raw organic vegetables provides the fiber and nutrients essential to keep things in the body moving as well as leaving you satiated enough to sleep soundly.


See our Cleanse tab up the top for more details, or click here!

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