Baked Vege Chips with Rosemary and Aquafaba Aioli


Baked Vege ChipsThese vege chips are delicious fresh from the oven, you can toss them through a salad for a crispy texture or as a replacement for corn chips in a Mexican meal, but mostly they are eaten on their own with homemade aioli. You could use different root veges to the ones in the recipe— the three different colours look gorgeous together.

Aquafaba is the latest craze in vegan cooking, most notably for the way it can be whipped into fluffy peaks like egg whites. It’s the liquid you have left over after cooking chickpeas (other legumes work as well, but chickpea is the most readily tested and used) or the liquid you find in a tin of chickpeas. It makes a beautiful thick aioli that is hard to tell apart from a regular one.

Find this recipe featured bite magazine.

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