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Need a whole cake for that special occasion? No problem! Whole cakes and tarts can be ordered from the famous Unbakery kitchen.

All our cakes are raw, vegan, organic, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and with no refined cane sugars. When it comes to raw desserts, a little goes a long way - no filler means it's rich and satisfying. One cake will easily serve 16-18 people and one tart will easily serve 12-14 people.

Cake orders need to be picked up from one of our Unbakery cafes as they are too delicate for the back of a courier van! Must be ordered 3 days in advance for Cheesecakes and Tarts, and 4 days in advance for Layer Cakes (these suckers require a bit of effort to make!).

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Carrot Cake
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