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eat happy

good for you

At the core of what we do at Little Bird Organics is making delicious food that is truly good for you. Real, whole-food ingredients, a focus on organics and a big effort to squeeze in as much natural nutrition as possible.
Most of what we use at Little Bird Kitchen is made by us (like the sprouted breads and the amazing nut milks), and we still make all our wonderful packaged products by hand. 
You get out what you put in...

eat happy

Good for the environment

Choosing organic produce is a great way to help protect the natural world for future generations. But thats not all we do.

We compost all our food waste.
We use only compostable consumables at Little Bird Kitchen.
We sanitise and reuse our juice bottles and tags.
We've invested in low energy drying equipment.
We are switching to compostable or recyclable packing for our retail range.

We are constantly assessing what we do and how we do it to ensure we have as little impact on the environment as possible.

eat happy

good for the community

Little Bird Organics is part of an awesome community. And we do our best to support those around us. We buy from local producers, we use waste reduction programs like Foodprint and AgainAgain. We host talks, run classes and do our best to spread the word about the benefits of health through food. 

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