Reviewed: a mother & daughter's 5-day cleanse experience


Clean Green Cleanse Diary



Today went pretty smoothly,

On the morning of the first day, I decided to try out a non-intensive reformer Pilates session– I don’t recommend doing rigorous exercise while doing a cleanse but today’s session went pretty smoothly and I don’t think it affected my energy levels. I felt like having a snack around 3.30pm so I had the mint matcha milk – a delicious Almond milk, superfoods and matcha mix - which satisfied my craving!

The great thing about the cleanses is the salads that are included. For dinner was the Mexican salad which I hadn’t had before - I wanted to try something new and let me tell you it was SO good and filling. l had an Epsom salt bath to end the day, followed by a cup of ginger & peppermint tea.

I started the morning with a walk around the block – fresh air is the best way to start the day!

At this stage, I haven’t been hungry or experienced any hunger pains at all! If anything, I find there are so many juices to get through & not enough time in the day. However, I experienced a bit of brain fog and became quite sleepy early afternoon which I think would be due to no caffeine! I definitely look forward to the cucumber cooler when I get home from work!

Dinner was yum - I had the detox salad which is a favourite of mine. 🥗

Woke up feeling really good this morning!

Feel a lot lighter and less bloated – feeling like I have more energy compared to yesterday. I ordered the veggie wrap for today but got a little hungry at lunchtime so had half for lunch and the rest for dinner! It was delish. Finished the day with a trip to HANA for an infrared sauna to release extra toxins which was bliss and added to my health kick for the week.

There’s something about Fridays that make me want to treat myself and today, I just really needed a coffee! The first dose of caffeine this whole time, so I’m happy with that!

I walked the dogs and walked to work. The day went pretty quickly, I’m feeling the least bloated I’ve felt in a long time, and I feel like I have heaps of energy!

Dinner was the Spicy Thai Salad and that hint of mango was much appreciated on the clean green cleanse 😂👌🏼 I also added some steamed green veggies & a dollop of hummus because it was a busy day on my feet and I needed a little more sustenance. Finished the day with a liquorice tea for a bit of sweetness.

The last day of my cleanse and I’m going to miss my morning defence tonic + hydra-aid combo! It really has become a bit of a ritual while I do the wordle.

I must say, ending your cleanse on a Saturday isn’t the easiest and nearly all the tempations are there, but heroically, I resisted the fresh sourdough in the house.

I have really enjoyed doing the cleanse with Mum and am very proud of her for sticking to it 👌🏼 we loved it so much we’ve decided we may even try and do a 1 day cleanse every other week!

To celebrate I’m looking forward to heading into the cafe with all our empty bottles (you get 50c back for every bottle!) and spending the credit on a seasonal bird bowl for lunch followed by a piece of the choc-raspberry brownie! ♥️



Today was the first day of the cleanse! I found it pretty easy. I loved the beetroot juice & filling low-carb salad. I did experience a headache towards the afternoon but totally manageable.

Today was also a bit of a breeze and I loved the veggie wrap! I had half for lunch and half for dinner. There are plenty of juices and I never feel like I will be left ‘dry’. I have still had a headache but I haven't been drinking any water on top of the juices so this could be why....

Half way there! I got a bit hungry late morning, however, the beetroot juice (my fave) fixed this! My headache has eased and I feel slimmer and less bloated.

Looking better & more importantly, feeling successful! I haven't cheated once by consuming other food (apart from a bit of extra lettuce with my salad around lunch time etc). I

Final day! Very happy with myself, feeling healthy and would love to do this again! I think the most challenging part is being around people who are able to eat (e.g. my husband.& Laura's partner eating pizzas and potato gratin... the smell radiates through the whole house!) so it's been really nice doing it together with Laura.


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