These are our most frequently asked questions. If the answer you are looking for is not here, please get in touch via our contact page

Online Cake Orders

Where do you deliver? 

For Auckland Fresh goods, our delivery range is within the Urgent Couriers Home Delivery Zone which covers most of Auckland from Takanini to Torbay and Henderson to Howick. However, you will need to confirm your delivery address is within zone before you place your order. If, in addition, you ordered retail packaged goods from our website — any of our delicious grawnolas, cookies or chocolate, these products are sent nationwide-wide with another courier partner. They may be shipped separately to your cake. 

Can I make a last-minute cake order?  

If you need a cake for today (or tomorrow), it might be possible! Usually, we require 2-3 business days notice for our delicious plant-based cakes since our ‘unbaker’ requires time to soak nuts and set nut creams. However, we often have uncut cakes at our Ponsonby café or the Little Bird Organics Office — check our contact page and call us to ask. Selection can be limited, and payment can by made over the phone (if calling the cafe) or online (if calling the office). 

When will my cake arrive?

Online orders for cakes are delivered on the evening of the date you select on the product page, between 6pm-9pm. You will receive a delivery update via text message in the early evening and a delivery confirmation message once your order has been delivered.

What time can I pick up my cake? 

If you would like to pickup a cake from Little Bird Kitchen in Ponsonby we can have this ready for you by 9am on your chosen day (if you would like to pick up in the weekend please leave a note on your order - as you cannot select weekend dates on our booking calendar unfortunately) - and you will need to collect it before we close at 4pm. Please ensure you have provided at least 3 days notice as we need extra time to get your cake from our factory across to the cafe. 


General Online Orders

Can I buy gift vouchers for a friend?  

Physical gift vouchers for Little Bird Kitchen are available to purchase online and from our Ponsonby café in $20 and $50 denominations. Physical vouchers may only be redeemed in-store — not online at this point. Vouchers do not expire but must be used in one transaction. Digital vouchers may be available by request. Please send us an email to enquire.

My order is a gift, am I able to add a special note?  

Yes, you can. To include a hand-written note, please add your message to the special instructions box at checkout.


Ingredients and Nutritional Information

Do you have calorie count and nutrition information available for your cakes?

Unfortunately, we don’t have that sort of detailed nutritional information for our cakes as there are hundreds of recipes we use and add to every week. Nutritional profiling is very time-intensive. Instead, we focus on nutrient density, sourcing the highest quality organic, whole foods and developing our raw recipes to create nourishing desserts and treats full of sustenance — the ingredients in their (mostly) natural state. 

Are your products keto or low carb friendly? 

There are several approaches to keto and therefore depending on how strict you are; we may have options for you! All of our products are refined cane sugar-free — no over-processed invert sugar syrups! wheat-free, grain-free (we use buckwheat which is not a grain), alcohol-free and synthetic sugar-free. The carbohydrates in our products and menu items at the café come from plant-based whole foods like nuts; these are organic and activated or soaked in many cases. Our raw desserts use coconut oil rather than processed animal fats, and we use organic beans and legumes in the café, which are often sprouted! Occasionally we use roots and tubers in some of our crackers. If you are ordering online, you can send an email or if in-store, our staff can tell you which dishes to avoid.

I’m on a FODMAP diet, can I eat anything Little Bird Organics?

Depending on what stage you are in of your FODMAP diet, we should have some options for you. Our delicious cookies are FODMAP friendly with high oligosaccharides foods only present in select products, in small (and manageable) quantities depending on your intolerance. Many of our ingredients have been sprouted, activated or soaked so are easier to digest than their raw or roasted counterparts. Our Beet Crispy Flats are also FODMAP friendly. All of the ingredients are listed on each product page so you can check before you buy! We also have FODMAP friendly foods at the café and are happy to spend the time with you to find an option. We just ask that you communicate any specific requirements and are patient with our friendly staff.

Are your desserts sugar-free?  

Our desserts are refined cane sugar-free. Instead, we use whole food sweeteners like dates, maple, agave and coconut sugar or nectar. These often have a lower Glycaemic Index (GI) rating and are packed full of other life force nutrients including fibre, vitamins and minerals. 


Little Bird Kitchen (our Ponsonby café)

What are your opening hours?

Our hours are listed here. The kitchen closes around 3:00pm. However, you’ll still be able to grab a smoothie, any of our cabinet treats or fresh-pressed juices and ready-to-go meals from the fridge. You can order delivery and click + collect by phone 095553278, or via the deliveryeasy website or app.

Are you open on public holidays?

Excluding Christmas Day (we all need a break!) we are open most public holidays. For public holidays updates, please check our hours page or Instagram.

Is there parking?  

We don’t have designated parking; however, two hours of free street parking is available right outside our door on Summer Street. There are also lots of pay and display options in our vicinity on the Ponsonby Road strip. 

Can I book a table? 

We don’t accept bookings for smaller groups. However we can reserve a table for you on our waitlist. Just give us a call when you are 20 minutes away and we can write down your details; by the time you arrive we should have a table ready for you. If you have a group  of over 8 people we are able to take morning bookings before 11am and after 1:30pm outside of our peak lunch rush.

What payment methods do you accept?  

We accept cash and all card types and have contactless Paywave too (feel free to use your phone!). We can accept card payments over the phone.
*Please note that during New Zealand Alert Level 3 we will not be collecting cash for the safe of our staff

Is your takeaway packaging compostable?  

All of our takeaway packaging is made from plants and commercially compostable including lids and straws. 

What options are available?

We had a full dine in menu with a variety of savoury and sweet dishes from the kitchen as well as smoothies and smoothie bowls. We serve Peoples coffee with oat or house almond milk, hot cacaos, tonic herb drinks and famous turmeric lattes. We have an extensive tea offering including traditional whisked matcha tea and lattes. You can also find a dessert cabinet packed full of raw vegan treats and our deli fridge with cold pressed juice, kombucha, kefir, condiments and ready to go meals.

Summer Street is the only place in the world you can find our entire packaged range including the much-lusted-over Crispy Flats in addition to the LOCO LOVE range and a curated selection of certified organic teas, tonics and superfoods.

What dietary requirements do you cater to? 

It is our pleasure (and purpose!) to cater to as many dietary requirements as possible. At a minimum, all our food is 100% plant-based, vegan, refined grain-free, sugar-free, wheat-free, dairy-free and mostly soy-free — we only use fermented soy products like tamari and tempeh sparingly. If you have food allergies, always ask our friendly staff. 

Do you serve foods without onion, garlic, leek, spring onion, chilli

Yes we do! A lot of our dishes utilise these ingredients for flavour however they can be removed and we can make allium and chilli free versions for you. We have in fact recently hosted a Shojin Ryori cooking class (Buddhist style) with world-renowned temple chef Mari Fuji! 

Can you cater to nightshade allergies

We are able to remove nightshades from some of our dishes. Some will be cooked in (and others, just garnished). Inform our friendly staff when ordering so they can ensure your selection is suitable for you.

I have a severe peanut allergy!

Luckily for you the café and packaged range are 100% peanut-free. 

Do you use canola oil?

We try to avoid it! In the kitchen, our chefs sauté, bake and grill with organic sunflower oil. Other oils we use to prepare and finish our dishes include organic extra virgin olive oil, organic cold-pressed coconut oil and organic sesame oil. At the moment our industrial waffle machine is sparingly greased with spray canola oil since it has a high smoking point — and this way, we don’t burn your meal before it gets to the table!

How do I order takeaway

You can give us a call on 09 5553278 once you’ve checked out the menu online or find us on deliveryeasy for delivery and pickup. We cannot take phone orders for dine-in and will advise a pickup time (usually 15 minutes for food and less for drinks or cabinet treats), or you can advise when you’d like to collect.

Are you open for dinner service? 

In early 2020 we decided to say good night to our dinner service. Now you can catch our fresh-faced staff during the day, every day. 

Can I bring my kids? 

Of course! We have a high chair and plenty of space. If you are bringing your little ones, we have heaps of kid friendly options to keep them quietly munching away but please be respectful of other guests and keep your children at the table. 

Can you hold items for me at the café? 

We know that you don’t want to miss out on our cakes, breads and salads (who would!) but during normal service we try to avoid putting things aside unless you are on your way. If you are going to take more than an hour we are more than happy to take a payment over the phone and write your name on whatever you desire!

Is it possible to make standing or pre-orders?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the systems to make a reliable standing or pre-order for you at this time. Our teams are working across the café and factory, with fluctuations in seasonal produce availability. Therefore we cannot always guarantee weekly production of a specific menu or cabinet item. However, we are working on a subscription service and most of our Auckland Fresh products from the online store can be ordered for specified dates with delivery available Monday to Friday on most items.  

Do you accept reusable cups?

We accept all reusable cups and containers, but please make sure these are thoroughly cleaned, making reuse easy and safe for our staff. We appreciate the effort, and do provide a 50 cent discount per cup or box — our way of saying thank you for going that bit extra for the planet!

I have a complaint about my experience.

We are sorry to hear that! You are our priority so any feedback, please let us know by emailing our managers so we can get to the bottom of it, make some changes if we need to and invite you back to show you how great Little Bird Kitchen can be.



Where can I find Little Bird Recipes? 

You can find Little Bird Organics recipes in our cookbooks; The Unbakery (now out of print) and Little Bird Goodness as well as our blog and the The Unbakery’ App. We have shared a bunch of recipes over the years on social media and various outlets like Bite magazine. A quick search for Little Bird Organic recipes on the web (add in keywords for maximum efficiency) will deliver a bounty of goodness!

Where can I find your products in-store?  

Our products can be found in a variety of supermarket and green stores nationwide. Check if your local is doing the right thing on our stockists page and if you don’t see us in-store don’t be afraid to ask for us! We also ship online nationwide with free shipping for orders over $30. 

I’ve emailed the website, when can I expect a reply?  

We endeavour to reply to all email enquiries within two business days (if not 24 hours!). We are a small team, so your patience is appreciated. Emails aren’t checked after business hours or on weekends. If you have an urgent request please call our office on 09 636 6807.

Where can I view job openings? 

We have a very small team of dedicated staff and we find that once they start they often don’t want to leave. Check our social media to see if we are advertising at the moment. However we encourage you to send in your CV regardless because that’s our first point of call when we are looking for new birds to join the flock!

Where can I see upcoming events and workshops?

You will find our current workshops and events here. And if you have not yet, subscribe to our newsletter and turn on your Instagram and Facebook post notifications because we announce all our events through these channels first and they often sell out fast!

I have an upcoming event. Do you offer catering?

Yes we do. For more information, visit our events catering page and get in touch to discuss your event requirements.



Sponsorships and promotions

Whether you are looking for a brand partnership or are interested in promoting our products, reach out — we are always looking for like-minded brands or individuals to work with. However, we rarely engage with paid sponsorships. Please email us and we can chat.

New stockist and bulk purchasing enquiries

If you would like to stock our products we would like to hear from you! Please email us from our website to enquire. We can also provide pricing for bulk or one off orders if you are interested in our products for special events or gift bags.