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Everybody needs a bit of R&R every now and then, our digestive systems included. little bird's raw, alkalising and nourishing Cleanse Packs give your body a rest from the hard work your body puts into digesting heavy foods. This enables you to put all that extra energy into other areas of the body that need revitalising. Our six specifically formulated drinks provide your body with a high density dose of the good stuff, while a light evening salad of raw organic vegetables provides the fibre (from sources like Carrot, Beetroot and Kale), and nutrients essential to keep things in the body moving as well as leaving you satiated enough to sleep soundly.

We've created our Raw Meal Plan packs for people who want to give their bodies a reboot while enjoying a perfect combination of amazing fresh raw food for the day! Like our cleanse packs, this is not an exercise in deprivation. It's designed to fuel you up with everything you need, to provide you with a break from your regular eating habits, and give you the motivation to help you form new ones.  Our raw meal plan pack will nourish you all day long with fresh, raw, organic and delicious food.

  • Our Cleanses are available Monday - Saturday, and Food Packs Monday - Friday. We offer pick up or delivery Monday to Friday, and pick up only from either Britomart or Ponsonby on Saturday. All weekday orders must be made 24 hours in advance, and all Saturday orders by 7.30am Friday morning. 

  • They are available in 1, 3 and 5 day options, and can be couriered to most Auckland locations. 
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