Basic Coconut Yoghurt

Making your own coconut yoghurt is incredibly satisfying and rewarding. A must-have ingredient in the refrigerator, this is an everyday staple. Fermented, living probiotic foods are extremely beneficial for your health; coconut yoghurt is the perfect way to introduce them to your diet in a delectable form.

Most commercial coconut yoghurt available is made from the same coconut cream that you buy in a tin! This can never be called a raw yoghurt as the coconut is pasteurized. The tins are also lined with thin plastics which can leach into your food along with metals from the tin itself. It’s always good to think about how the products you buy are made – just flick the producer an email so you can learn more about what you are putting in your body.

You can find the recipe, and 100+ more plant-based recipes by Megan May on The Unbakery App