Choc Topped Vanilla & Raspberry Jelly Ice Creams

This updated version of a classic from my childhood is made using only real wholefood ingredients, but delivers the same flavour and experience as a Jelly Tip icecream. It’s hard not to love this flavour combination and it’s extremely fun to eat. These frozen treats are extremely popular with my 2-year-old, so they don’t last long in our freezer.

There are three great recipes here for vanilla icecream, raspberry jelly and raw chocolate. Each recipe is extremely useful on its own, but they come together to make these incredibly delicious icecreams. The cashew icecream can be made in an icecream maker if you have one, but it’s not necessary, so anyone with a decent blender can whip this up — which is how I do it at home.

Find the full recipe featured in Bite Magazine here