Pressed Mushrooms with BBQ Glaze & Chipotle Cashew Crumble

This is such a delicious way of cooking mushrooms; they end up having this firm almost fleshy texture to them, the pressure of the Lodge Cast Iron Pans releases most of the natural water content (which you can pour off and use in a broth) all while creating the perfect crispy golden crust.

You can simply season with olive oil, salt, and pepper or glaze as we have done with a BBQ sauce, finishing with our Activated Chipotle Cashews.  

We used the largest portobello mushrooms and a few clusters of oyster mushrooms as that’s what we could get on Waiheke. If the mushrooms are too small, they come out a bit more squashed - clusters of mushrooms like oysters, maitake and lions mane are perfect here it just depends on what’s available to you.

The recipe video was done using the Big Green Egg BBQ at the Rangihou Villa where we finished them on the grill. This is nice to do, but they will also be delicious finished off in the oven at home.


Assorted Larger Mushrooms (we used large portobellos and clusters of oyster mushrooms, we allocated one large mushroom or cluster per person)

All Press Waiheke Blend Olive oil

Sea Salt


BBQ Sauce (Homemade or we used Moorpork Natural BBQ Sauce)

Activated Chipotle Cashews, either chopped by hand or pulsed in a blender.


2 Cast Iron Pans (alternatively you can use one cast iron pan and top with baking foil and place another pan or pot on top and add a little weight)


Clean the mushrooms: Gently wipe the mushrooms with a damp paper towel to remove any dirt or debris (if using portobello mushrooms remover the steams)

Then heat up the larger pan to a medium high heat and add enough olive oil to coat the surface. When it’s hot, add the mushrooms stem side down along with a little sea salt.

As soon as you hear the mushrooms start to sizzle and they have softened a little, put the second pan on top (if they haven’t softened yet they might break with the weight of the second pan.)

Every so often press the top pan down, taking care as the mushrooms will let off some hot steam.

Cook the first side for 5 mins or until they are golden on the bottom - this will depend on the size of your mushrooms. I often pour off some of the liquid if there is a large amount (this liquid is delicious and great to add into broths or soups). Alternatively, you can leave the liquid to cook off.  

Next flip the mushrooms and add a little more olive oil and place the other pan back on top to cook the second side for another 5 mins or until golden. 

Once golden on both sides, drizzle over a little olive oil and baste with bbq sauce. Finish on a bbq grill or the grill setting in a home over for 3-5 mins.

Garnish with Chipotle Cashew crumble, cracked pepper & sea salt.