Socca Flatbreads with Caramelised Onions, Brussels Sprouts & Hummus

Socca FlatbreadSocca flatbreads are a traditionally flat bread served in Nice, France. They are naturally gluten free and packed with protein, plus they are really easy to make. Some recipes say you can make up the socca batter and cook it straight away but as chickpeas can be a little hard to digest for some people I like to leave it to sit overnight with a few tablespoons of coconut yoghurt or apple cider vinegar to help the flour ferment a little and increase its digestibility. Then I keep it in the fridge to use that evening for a super-quick flatbread pizza meal.

You can top your socca with anything you desire, as you would a pizza or if you want to have it plain, (as it is traditionally served). The key to dishes with chickpea flour is to cook at a reasonably high heat until crispy and be sure to eat it freshly made, as it cools down it will become a lot denser and not nearly as delicious as when it’s hot out of the pan or a wood-fired oven.

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