Leaves, Shoots and Ocean Greens

Our salad clusters are a great way of getting some goodness into you and spicing up a plain salad.  They contain 3 sea greens (including NZ korengo), activated nuts and seeds, and a touch of cayenne to spice things up.

It’s simple:

Leaves - gather up a selection maybe; cos, lambs quarter, buttercrunch, cress
Shoots – whatever you have; try pea shoots, sunflower sprouts, daikon, alfalfa
Avocado – Chunky Slices
Cucumber – Finely sliced
Lemon – Squeeze it
Olive oil - Drizzle it

Toss together

Sprinkle with salad clusters

At 40% protein, plus electrolytes, zinc, iron and minerals, salad clusters are the ultimate way to turn a light green salad into a satisfying nutrition-filled feast.

***** When it comes to buying oils, focus on quality – always go for cold pressed organic or local pressed oils, store them in the dark and only use small amounts of them to dress your food. Olive oil, pumpkin seed, walnut and hemp are lovely oils to use.

Our photographer ate this salad after the shoot and went home with 3 bags of salad clusters! They really are amazing; once you try them, you'll wonder why it took so long to discover them!