Grawnola & Cereal

Little Bird’s Grawnola was our first product to market, and it has remained a cornerstone of our range.
Our grawnola uses a light and crispy sprouted buckwheat base, to which we add all sorts of delicious nutrient rich ingredients. The flavours are expertly balanced and have been further developed over the 5 years our grawnolas have been on shelves.

We sprout our buckwheat because this helps to break down the enzyme inhibitors, unfortunately these enzyme inhibitors also prevent our bodies from getting the most out of seeds (and nuts).

By sprouting (and activating) we trigger the growth cycle and the inhibitors break down, then we dehydrate and boom - you have some nutrient dense delicious little buggers to munch on and keep you running at peak performance for longer.

Buckwheat is no easy thing to sprout. When soaked it gives off a goo, kinda like that green guy from Ghostbusters, it needs to be constantly rinsed for about 20 hours... yep we are kinda crazy, but you can absolutely taste the difference (and your body will get so much more out of eating it), so always check on the pack, if it is truly activated it will be light and crispy, not dense and heavy.

We soak and activate all our nuts for the same reason! It certainly takes longer, but you guys are worth the extra effort. 

Using Organic ingredients, sprouted, hand mixed then dehydrated to ensure all the goodness and nutrition is retained, our Grawnolas are Raw, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, without refined cane sugar or soy.

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