Megan May

In the few years that Little Bird Organics and its Unbakeries have existed, Megan May has cemented her place as one of Auckland's most important and influential chefs. 

Jesse Mulligan, Food Critic from the NZ Herald wrote recently:

"The two most important restaurateurs in Auckland right now are Al Brown and Megan May. Al Brown you will know of course — every casual eatery that opens in this city for the next 10 years will be judged against his flawless restaurant, Depot. Megan May owns the flagship Unbakery in Ponsonby, as well as sister outlets in Kingsland and Britomart. The waitlist at these places can be almost as long as at Depot. Her food is most famous for being raw, but that’s only one of the ways in which it stands out. She uses no meat or wheat, no dairy or egg, no refined sugars, salts or carbohydrates. Her menu’s packed with heavy lifters — foods that provide a high ratio of nutrition to calories. And yet it tastes incredible. You would eat it if there were no health benefits, just for the flavours, textures and colours. Her tacos taste as delicious as the ones at Mexico — they just happen to be extremely good for you."  

Megan runs her own 'uncooking' classes at the Ponsonby Unbakery and continues to speak and present at organised events around the country. She has spoken as part of the Late at the Museum series at Auckland Museum and as part of the Womens Collective series, she has hosted classes at Britomart, at the Seafarers Club, at the Food Show and across many other city venues.  She writes regularly for Bite magazine.