Last month we had the lovely Nellie the Nutritionist helping us sort the fact from the fiction when it comes to cleansing. Here are a couple of the tips she left us with from the night for your cleansing endeavors

  • Protein is important as it contains essential amino acids for the detoxification pathways in the liver. Too much protein however can tax the liver as it has to produce more bile and digestive enzymes to perform this task.  Limit your preferred choice of protein intake
  • Olive oil, hempseed oil, flax seed oil and coconut oil all support the liver thoroughly during a cleanse by encouraging the liver and gall bladder to contract and carry more toxins out of the body.  Add liberally to salads and smoothies.
  • A good fibre intake is of the utmost importance for proper elimination of toxins during a cleanse - soaking chia seeds and flax seeds to add to smoothies, green apples grated over Bircher muesli, kiwi fruit, a little quinoa or buckwheat with some sprouted legumes, a big green mixed salad will all help with this task.

You can book a personal session with Nellie at the Centre, above the kingsland unbakery.