little bird raw meal plan 

This weeks menu at a glance








Cacao Chia Pudding

High in omega 3’s (the good fat for the brain), along with delicious coyo, little bird grawnola, and berry chia jelly

Mexican Tacos

Lettuce tacos filled with mushroom & walnut mince, salsa, slaw, avocado, topped with our delicious cashew nacho cheese

Buckwheat crackle, with a piece of seasonal fruit & a cold pressed juice from the squeezery

Pad Thai Slaw

Shredded cabbage, carrot, capsicum, snow peas, cherry tomatoes served with a spicy thai sauce and activated crunchy cashews



Macadamia & Berry Grawnola

Our house made little bird sprouted buckwheat grawnola, served with fresh almond milk.

Chicken Sandwich

Our delicious onion flat breads filled with a creamy sunflower slaw, tomato, cucumber and fresh salad greens

Fresh veggie sticks & raw dips with a cold pressed juice from the squeezery

                                      Bird Bowl

An winter tasting bowl of roasted beetroot & balsamic & nut cheese, brussel sprouts with coconut bacon, quinoa, kale and celery topped with pomegranate.    



Coconut yoghurt with fresh fruit & grawnola

House cultured coconut yoghurt made from young coconuts served with seasonal fruits and grawnola.

Superfoods Salad Bowl

Pomegranate & Kale salad with, fennel seed dukkah, quinoa pilaf & beetroot hummus.

Corn Nachos - handmade raw nacho chips with capsicum salsa, sour cream guacamole & a cold pressed juice from the squeezery

Beetroot Sauerkraut Wrap

A Raw Beetroot & Sauerkraut filled with fermented nut cheese & seasonal fresh veggies.



Bagel Lox

Cashew and almond bagel with smoked carrot lox and cashew cream cheese, cucumber and red onion

Courgette Linguine

Courgette noodles with basil pesto cherry tomatoes, wild rocket and macadamia feta


Raw Cacao log made from cashews, cacao & dates with a piece of fruit and a cold pressed juice from the squeezery

Detox salad

A light kale salad, shredded red cabbage, fresh sprouts, marinated beetroot noodles, avocado sprinkled with sesame seeds, little bird sauerkraut, korengo spiced seeds and a delicious tahini dressing



Coconut yoghurt with fresh fruit chaat

House cultured coconut yoghurt made from young coconuts served with seasonal fruits and chaat seasoning

Middle Eastern Veggie Wrap

A raw carrot wrap filled with fresh seasonal veggies, quinoa & beetroot hummus served with cashew aioli.

Raw Cookie & seasonal fruit with a cold pressed juice from the squeezery

Mexican Chilli Bowl

Our house made walnut mushroom mince served on a lettuce & cabbage slaw with salsa, avocado, and nacho cheese

Go to the Raw Meal Plan Online Store

We've created our raw meal plan packs for people who want to give their bodies a reboot while enjoying a perfect combination of amazing fresh raw food for the day! 

Like our cleanse packs, this is not an exercise in deprivation. It's designed to provide you with a break from your regular eating habits and give you a boost of sustainable energy and the motivation to help you form new ones.  Our raw meal plan pack will nourish you all day long with fresh, raw, organic and delicious food.

Each pack is prepared fresh every morning by the little bird unbakery chefs. It’s just like having your own personal chef for the day who knows exactly what you need to feel good. You don’t need to think about a thing - just sit back and enjoy three square meals throughout the day, knowing that you are nourishing and revitalizing your body with every mouthful.

 The little bird Meal Plan Pack is great for people: 

  • Who want to give their body a break from bad habits and reboot.
  • Are time-poor and want to know they are getting an abundance of fresh raw food in their diet but don’t have time to prepare it for themselves
  • Who are new to raw food and want to see what it tastes and feels like to eat delicious raw food for the day
  • Who are suffering from poor health and/or fatigue and want to ensure they are eating to the best of their ability
  • Who simply wish to have their meals for the day taken care of in the most delicious and healthiest of ways!

We hope that this will not only make you feel great on the days that you order it, but that the delicious plant-based food will inspire you to regularly incorporate more raw foods into your diet in order that your body can thrive every day. 

The plan costs $68 per day (plus delivery within Auckland if required), with 1, 3 day and 5 day options available.

There is an additional charge If you would like it delivered – we use urgent couriers for a 1 hour delivery service within the Auckland region, they are a fantastic carbon neutral company that are working with us to be able to get your raw organic goodness to your door fresh each day. The pick up is ordered for 7:30am and they should be delivered within the hour (before 8:30), very occasionally the courier may be a little later. Rates starting from only $9 for Auckland Central. 

Please note: some of the food items contain honey if you would like honey free alternatives please let us know as soon as possible 

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