How do I order my Little Bird Cleanse?

The Little Bird Cleanse can be ordered online

Please note orders close at 8.30am for cleanses ready the following day.

  • Pick Ups can be collected from our Ponsonby or Britomart stores, (ready by 8.30am). 
  • We can courier your cleanse to you (if you live in Auckland), select the appropriate courier zone based on the suburb listings below (*additional costs apply, price is per day. *Delivery only to suburbs listed as part of the zones below). 
  • The Cleanse packs are available Monday to Friday, (Saturday pick ups are possible), excluding public holidays.
  • Everything is made fresh to ensure you get the most nutrients possible.

How often should I do the Little Bird Cleanse?

In an ideal world we’d follow this cleanse one or two days a week; it’s the perfect way to reset bad habits and would provide a regular injection of the life-giving wholefoods necessary for ongoing good health and vitality. Similarly, you may feel that a more extreme change is needed and you may wish to do a three or five day course of it with regular maintenance.


How do I prepare for my little bird Cleanse?

You will get maximum benefit out of your little bird cleanse if you stay away from coffee, alcohol and heavy foods for a few days prior to commencement, especially if you are undertaking a cleanse of more than 72 hours.

It’s also important to (before and during) drink at least 2 liters of good spring or filtered water with a drop of fresh lemon juice or liquid minerals (MRI do a good one called CMD) in there to keep you well hydrated and help the body flush out any toxins.


Will I need to take time off work and/or stop exercising while I cleanse?

You don’t need to take a day off work to survive our cleanse. We aim to give your digestive system a rest and allow it to detoxify and replenish while still feeding your body with easily digestible nutrient rich juices and smoothies that will give you enough fuel to function well during the day. (NB. If you are planning on cleansing for longer than 72 hours you may wish to undertake more gentle exercise than usual. As always, listen to your body we are all different and respond differently to changes in our diet)


Are there any alternative or adjacent therapies you recommend to complement my cleanse?

Sure, the great thing about the Little Bird Cleanse is that it’s designed to work in with everyday life but is delicious enough to feel like a treat. If you are able to we love to think of you providing your body additional healing and treats such as yoga, meditation, hot stone sessions, saunas, massage, facials, colonic irrigation, naturopathic consultation, counseling etc.

The liver is our toxin-processing powerhouse it can often do with some extra support! We also recommend taking some liver herbs like milk thistle or drinking several cups a day of the Artemis Liver and Kidney teas to maximize your cleansing before and during the cleanse.

We have a list of Little Bird preferred practitioners across most disciplines. Please contact us for further information if required.


Do I have to drink my drinks in the determined order?

We recommend you start your first drink upon collection/delivery and then drink two hourly throughout the day. Our recommended order is just a suggestion for those who prefer guidance. Listen to your body and do what you judge feels best with your day.


What happens if I get hungry while on my little bird Cleanse?

While there is enough nutrition in each to leave you satisfied (when we are hungry we are often hungry for nutrients rather than simply calories), this is not an exercise in deprivation so if you are feeling ravenous at any point we suggest you eat some whole raw vegetables & fruits (with an emphasis on the vegetables, if you are having fruit try and make sure they are low sugar fruits like green apples, kiwi or berries).


I’d love to tweet/instagram/facebook my cleanse so others can share in how great this is. Is little bird on twitter/facebook/instagram?

Funny you should ask! You can tag us on #littlebirdorg, @littlebirdorganics and feel free to tag us and connect with others who are also cleansing, it can really help if you have any questions to connect with others and find out about their experiences. We can all help & motivate each other to have healthy vibrant bodies together. 


I have more questions?

Email us and we will get back to with anything you have a query about, we really want people to have as great an experience with our Cleanse as we do so please email us at  with anything!