Our plant-based cleanses were developed to flood your body with potent plant nutrition — temporarily eliminating common inflammation triggers and giving your body a break from the stress of digesting dense foods. 

Using practical dietary principles, you will receive eight nutritionist-formulated drinks that deliver high-density doses of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes that will help restore the metabolism and hit reset on the body’s systems. And as always, our juices are cold-pressed, the crème de la crème of juicing, retaining more nutrients to flood your body with potent plant nutrition.

Clean Green Cleanse is for those looking for flexible options in a juice cleanse while our Total Wellness Cleanse is for those looking for extra satiation in a plant-based cleanse, containing a combination of tonics, cold-pressed juices with the addition of a nut milk. Both cleanses have a daily meal option.

Our more frequently asked questions regarding our cleanses are below, though if you have more questions, send us your direct messages via Facebook or Instagram. We usually reply within the hour.

Little Bird Organics Cleanses can be ordered online

How often should I do the Little Bird Organics Cleanse?

Ideally, we’d integrate this cleanse one or two days per week — it’s the perfect way to reset the body, repair your systems. Cleansing can also train your mind and body to make healthier decisions moving forward. Similarly, you may feel that a total reset is required and then a three or five-day course with regular maintenance is advised. If you are wanting to address specific health concerns, engaging with a holistic practitioner would be a worthwhile investment.

How do I prepare for my Little Bird Organics Cleanse?

There are opportunities you can take a few days before commencing your cleanse that will help your body access the maximum benefits. We recommend taking a break from coffee, alcohol and carbohydrate and fat dense or processed foods from your daily intake, especially if you are cleansing for more than 72 hours. 

Staying hydrated is vital — before, during, after your cleanse. Drinking at least 2 litres of good spring or filtered water will help your digestive and detoxification systems. If you struggle to drink water throughout the day, add fresh lemon juice. Our Clean Green Cleanse also supports detoxification. Healthy hydration also includes water-rich plants. We recommend cucumber, lettuce, celery, bok choy, zucchini, watercress and low sugar fruits like berries, green apples and kiwifruit.

Will I need to take time off work or stop exercising while I cleanse?

You don’t need to take a day off work to survive our cleanse. We aim to give your digestive system a rest — to provide your body with the opportunity to detoxify, cleanse and replenish itself. Our cleanse is formulated to feed your body’s cells with easily digestible, nutrient-rich juices (and a nut milk if opting for the Total Wellness Cleanse) providing you with enough energy to function during the day. 

Note: If you are planning on cleansing for longer than 72 hours, you may wish to undertake more gentle exercise than usual. As always, listen to your body, we are all different and respond differently to changes in our diet. Should you feel your body craving extra nutrients, please feel free to snack on raw vegetables and fruits as mentioned above.  

Do I have to drink my juices and tonics in the determined order?

We recommend you start your first drink upon collection/delivery and then consume your juices and smoothies at two-hourly intervals throughout the day. Our recommended order is suggestive for those who prefer guidance. Listen to your body and do what feels and works best for you.

What happens if I get hungry while on my cleanse?

This cleanse is not an exercise of deprivation. If you are feeling ravenous at any point, we recommend reaching for water-rich vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, celery, bok choy, zucchini, watercress and low sugar fruits like berries,  green apples and kiwifruit.

Can I cleanse while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Our juices and milks are a great addition to your diet while pregnant or breastfeeding as they contain a high concentration of organic fruits and vegetables, making them a potent source of key nutrients - they're also a great quick, easy one-handed snack for a boost of energy. 
However, while pregnant or breastfeeding, we do not recommend consuming them on their own, as reducing calories too much may effect your milk production. 
Instead, we recommend supplementing your diet with our juices and milks as a way to boost your nutrition and energy - we have also had many customer swear that our juice & milk boxes have helped boost their milk supply! 

Is there any alternative or adjacent therapies I can do to compliment my cleanse?

Sure! If you can provide your body with additional healing therapies such as yoga, meditation, hot stone sessions, saunas, massage, colonic irrigation and so on can also help reset your body and mind — these are all healing and powerful. Naturopathic consultations are also a wonderful opportunity to discuss your health and wellness goals providing additional support to your cleansing regime. We have a list of Little Bird preferred practitioners across most disciplines. Contact us for further information if required.