Tips for before, during and after your cleanse

We’d all like to think that doing a cleanse begins and finishes with the first and last sip of a Little Bird freshly squeezed juice. However, to make the most of your cleanse, it’s how you treat yourself before and after that can make a big difference - not only to how you feel during but preserving the effects long after completion. 

Before your cleanse

Ditch the caffeine slowly – we recommend not consuming caffeine during our cleanses and if you feel like you rely on your morning fix, it’s a good idea to start pulling back or stop your intake a few days before you start your cleanse.

Fresh fruit and vegetables - make sure you’re eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables before your cleanse. Including lots of greens abundant in phytochemicals (potent antioxidants with anti-inflammatory activity) will support your natural detoxification pathways, protecting you against inflammation and boosting immunity.

Allies for your liver - particularly useful for the liver are beetroot, celery, spinach, capsicums, asparagus, and globe artichoke.

Great for digestion - excellent enzyme support provided by the brassica family which includes foods like cabbage, kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower.

Where you can, buy organic or spray free - as you’re embarking on a detox journey, eliminating unwanted chemicals is also a great way to start, finish and carry on. Buying spray-free and organic produce is not only good for you, but also great for the producers of these products and the land they come from.

Fibre to support elimination - dietary fibre is really important for the efficient removal of toxins during cleansing and a lot of us are lacking fibre in our daily diets as it is. You can make some small adjustments to increase your daily intake like…

— Soaking chia seeds and flax seeds to add to smoothies.

— Grate green apples over bircher, muesli or add kiwifruit.

— To a big green salad, add a little quinoa or buckwheat with some sprouted legumes.

You can include prebiotic fibre that help to feed the friendly fibre in your gut such as…

  • Oats
  • Apples
  • Asparagus
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Dandelion greens

Recommended protein sources - we recommend sticking to plant-based protein before and after your cleanse - nuts, seeds, legumes and tempeh. Protein is vital as it contains essential amino acids for the detoxification pathways in the liver.

Healthy fats - including good fats that support the liver and gall bladder to contract and carry more toxins out of the body is a great idea. Feel free to add hemp, flaxseed and coconut oil liberally to salads and smoothies.

During your cleanse

It’s easy to introduce some supplementary additions to help you on your way…

Slipper elm powder and dandelion bitter greens – how your digestive system reacts to our cleanses, varies from person to person – ranging from looser bowels to constipation. Slippery elm powder is soothing to the intestinal tract whilst dandelion bitter greens promote the flow of bile and are excellent for liver, digestion and constipation as well as being great for the skin.

Adaptogenic tonic herbs – the wonderful world of medicinal mushrooms is unmatched with their ability to build immunity and adaptability in the body. Our range of Superfeast tonics can powerfully support your body in all areas of detoxification, revitalisation and resilience. We recommend the following:

Jing great for core energy, adrenal health, kidney function, hormone balance, stamina and libido.

Schizandra – a nourishing herbal tonic to balance the nervous system, improve brain function, elevate immunity, skin health and to promote healthy sleep.

Chaga – considered an anti-aging adaptogen, Chaga is known for supporting stress management, reduced inflammation, immune system, blood sugar regulation, antioxidant defences.

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Healing teas

Dandelion leaf, lemon myrtle and juniper berry tea – Our Bohemia Tea Citrine is a gentle cleanse itself offering digestive support and naturally caffeine free.

Butterfly Pea Flower and Cardamom Tea – our Azure blue elixir is a refreshing and replenishing tea supporting brain, beauty and radiance.

Nettle tea – steeping dried nettle leaves as a tea has many benefits including having a positive effect on blood glucose levels, anti-inflammatory properties and may help flush harmful bacteria from the urinary tract.

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— Breath work - explore the benefits of purposeful breath and meditation. Spending a few minutes daily to bring awareness to your breath is a great way to relax your body and mind. Deep breathing is vital in the cleansing process, encouraging the clearing of toxins from the lungs while reducing acidity in the blood. 

— Gentle exercise

Exercise of any form has benefits for the body and the mind. It increases circulation of blood and lymphatic tissue, stimulates proper bowel elimination, encourages deeper breathing, and releases natural endorphins to make you feel good. Because you will likely experience a calorie deficit, we recommend keeping any aerobic exercise to a minimum.

— Sleep

Generally, you can feel more tired at the start of a cleanse, so try to get plenty of sleep if you can. Sleeping enables the body to recharge and protect itself — so aim to get a minimum of 7 hours quality sleep per night.

After your cleanse

Start slow - It can be tempting to go for an indulgent meal to ‘treat’ yourself after a cleanse, but it really pays to ease yourself back into it and aim to carry on the good habits. Much like before your cleanse, starting with fresh fruit and vegetables is a great way to introduce solids back into your diet.

Start small - You might see decreases in your appetite or capacity for the volume of food you were eating pre cleanse so be careful with your portion sizes.

Stay on track 

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— Visit our Café - nestled in the streets of Ponsonby we have a wide range of smoothies, salads, nourishing plant-based treats and dishes. 

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These tips don’t need to be just limited to when you are doing a cleanse, every day we are exposed to environmental toxins from many different sources. To keep our bodies optimally healthy we should think about adding some of these habits to our daily regimes.