Raw Food

The official definition of raw food is that which hasn't been heated above 46 degrees C. The goal of eating food in this state is to maximise our assimilation of its vitamins and minerals. Enzymes, which aid the digestive process, tend to be killed in the cooking process. And digestion is not something to take lightly - its how you access your body's nutrition. Being lactose intolerant and a coeliac, Megan knows how detrimental malabsorption of food is. 

Once you begin to increase the raw, plant-based food in your diet, you probably won't worry too much about the science behind it because, quite simply, you'll feel great. And the more of these foods you eat, the more you will crave them - we promise. You will feel satisfied with less of the cooked processed foods you were eating, because your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.

Forget those old jibes about 'rabbit food'. When you attune your taste buds to a raw diet, you will be blown away by the flavours. You'll find yourself contemplating the subtle differences between tomato varieties and salad greens the way you would between fine wines. And its impossible to exhaust the cornucopia of delicious plant-based foods on offer. You will never get bored.

All our packaged products are 100% raw, and our unbakery cafes are predominantly raw, depending on season and available produce.