the Importance of Organics

We place a big importance on choosing organic whenever there is a choice to be made.

A lot of food is grown and preserved with the use of pesticides, herbicides and a great many other chemicals. Once consumed, our bodies do their best to process and eliminate these toxic substances - a stressful process best avoided altogether.

These chemicals have a long term effect on the soil, the people working on the farms and the environment at large. For this reason, when you support organic farmers, your decision affects far more than just the quality of food in your refrigerator. 

For Megan, organics were just part of everyday life growing up, although that was rare in the 80's! Growing up on an organic farm, with her Dad teaching organics at the local polytechnic, the family were surrounded by farms that used an array of sprays - a totally different approach to her parents, though they never preached about it.

Organic farmers take the long view, nurturing the soil so that it will be able to feed generations, and not just provide a bumper crop this summer. To do it well requires patience and a lifetime of knowledge. These farmers are so important to our planet and our individual health. As with all farmers (organic or not), theirs is a risky business; they toil and can lose a years work overnight in a deep frost or storm. Supporting them is easy - try to seek out organic produce wherever you can. The benefits are profound - and mutual.

Our cafes are predominantly organic, (it is sometime just not possible to get all produce organic, but if there is an organic choice, we will make it). Not every wholefoods cafe or raw cafe makes this choice, (because it certainly effects our bottom line - some organic options can be two or three times the price of the 'conventional' produce), in fact an alarmingly small amount of the 'health focused' cafes in Auckland actually use organic ingredients.

Why go to the trouble of creating a healthy offering if you're not going to include one of the fundamentals of that market? Yes it might make things cheaper, but what a missed opportunity, both for the customer and the industry in general - the only way we are going to reduce the cost of truly healthy, organic food is if we do what we can to increase demand and grow the market.

So make sure you ask at your local, turn those screws and put some pressure on to get an organic offering.

Or just come see us.