We make it All!

To get the best, most healthy, nutritious, freshest, unrefined, non-pasturised, non-pressurised, non-heat treated, pure, delicious wholefoods you kinda have to bite the bullet and make it yourselves.

So thats what we do.

All of it.

Some people would call us crazy, (sometimes we happily admit to it), but there really is no substitute.
We started little bird with the goal to make food as healthy as we possibly could, but which also tasted amazing. Having total control of the making process is really the key to achieving this.
We squeezed that nut milk ourselves, we preserved those lemons, we fermented that kimchi, we 'baked' those bagels, we cultured that nut cheese, we shaved that coconut bacon, we sprouted that cereal, we juiced those veges, we dehydrated those kale chips, we know how fresh that coconut yogurt is.... because we made it.

All of it.

It should be no surprise that highly processed food is not actually that good for you on the whole. And our NZ diet, along with the rest of the Western world has slowly converted to more and more processed, packaged food, high in sugars, bad oils and fats, over-salted, full of preservatives, additives, chemicals...
Seriously, do we really want to raise the next generation of New Zealanders on this stuff?

If you imagine a glass of delicious freshly squeezed orange juice next to a pasturised, lifeless, made from concentrate equivalent and ask yourself: "Which one would I choose?", we're sure pretty much everyone would go for the fresh stuff.

So we thought, why not show what can be done when you put your mind to it.
Sure, you may not go to the extremes that we go to, and thats alright, but our aim is to be your inspiration.
Our accountants hate us, because doing this is in no way a cheap exercise - (we employ over 70 wonderful people). But we want to make a positive difference in the place we call home, and to us that is just as important trying to make a profit.