Our Unbakeries

Little Bird Organics started life in an Auckland split villa in Grey Lynn. We thought there might be a niche market for some weird raw, organic, vegan, gluten free healthy grawnolas and macaroons...

As we took the plunge and constructed a commercial kitchen in Kingsland, we left some space at the front with the idea that one day, maybe, we might do a little cafe.

After two years toiling away developing our product range and gathering stockists we thought we would give it a crack. Our original business plan was rather modest. We thought we might get maybe 10 customers a day, and that really it was more a branding exercise for our packaged products. We thought we would just have one of our manufacturing staff pop out and serve a customer occasionally....

What actually happened exceeded our expectations many times over. Within a week we had queues out the door, Jeremy had resigned his job as an Architect to serve customers and our entire production team was co-opted into cafe service to cope with the demand. We made no packaged goods for three or four weeks while we scrambled to hire more staff. Megan was making raw cakes past midnight, seven days a week, customers were making special trips from all over Auckland to check out what we were doing.

All this culminated in the Unbakery being voted in the 2012 top 10 cafes in Auckland by Metro only 6 weeks after we opened the doors. We were excited and humbled and terrified. But it was an amazing ride.

We now have two more Unbakery outlets in Auckland, including our flagship cafe in Ponsonby. And we have made the prestigious Metro Top 50 Cafes in Auckland list every year since. (Featuring every year in the top 10 short list, or the Best of the Best category!)

The Unbakery cafes offer something unique - seriously healthy, nutritious plant based food that caters for most allergy sufferers and which tastes amazing. Seeing that look of pure joy on the face of a new customer when they ask which things in the cabinet are vegan/gluten-free/dairy-free/refined cane sugar-free/soy free and we get to answer 'everything!' was a real buzz during those early days.

It still is.

The Unbakery Cafes