Our Product Range

When you get right down to it, our products stem straight from Megan's love of food and her frustration at not being able to find what she wanted on store shelves. As she worked her way back from serious illness, Megan found that raw plant-based foods were the thing that her body thrived on best. But throw chronic gluten and dairy allergies into the mix, plus a very low tolerance for sugar and she was faced with the fact that if she wanted something tasty to eat, she was going to have to make it herself.

Still not well enough to hold down a full time job, Megan instead put the energy she did have into developing recipes, (initially for grawnolas and macaroons), with the thought that she might be able to sell some at the markets and make a little extra income.

She spent months fine tuning the recipes and understanding the processes required. Then one day she had the opportunity to have a small table in the foyer of the Bruce Mason Centre as part of a seminar from American raw foods pioneer David Wolfe. Jeremy whipped up some labels the night before and off she went. The packets sold out, and buyers from some of the organic grocery stores were attending. They loved the products and started regularly pestering Megan for when they might be available to stock.

Little Bird was born.

All of a sudden selling at markets was no longer the focus. We needed a commercial kitchen and we needed to figure out what it was going to take to make these products at scale. We found a garage space in Kingsland and Jeremy put his skills to use to convert it to a commercial kitchen space. It was not without risk - an unproven (non-existent) market (we spent a lot of time explaining what raw food actually was and why it was good for you!), using equipment (brought in from overseas) which was untested for the applications we were hoping to carry out... But we had come this far, so we took the plunge. We moved in in late 2010 and haven't looked back! Our team has grown from Megan on her own, to over 70 staff in 5 years. 

Currently we make:

  • Macaroons, Hand scooped and dehydrated. 
  • Grawnolas, Sprouted buckwheat, activated nuts and delicious superfoods.
  • Crackers, Hand rolled and hand cut(!), using activated nuts and seeds.
  • Trail Mixes, Activated nuts, seeds, superfoods.

All available at stores nationwide, (and of course here on our website).

The focus for our products has always been quality. Just because you have allergies, or choose to be vegetarian, or just want to 'eat healthy' shouldn't mean you have to compromise on taste. We have always aimed for our customers to be buying on flavour first and health benefits second. We view organics as a critical element of what we do. We make our products raw so that your body can squeeze out as much nutrient fuel as possible!

None of this stuff is easy, or cheap, but in a way that is kind of the point. If you want to buy a cheese burger for $2 or a loaf of white bread for $1, then you are going to get what you pay for. We do our best to keep prices as low as possible, and the only way organic healthy eating becomes more affordable is if more people do it and we increase demand together. (Of course simply eating seasonal fresh vegetables and produce is actually very affordable and easy. But we go the extra mile with it all to inspire and demonstrate how amazing fresh healthy food can be.) 

But mostly we make these products because we truly believe they can help people feel better. We have been rewarded with many wonderful customers, who continue to give us amazing support, and to whom we are eternally grateful.