Cacao Super Smoothie

This smoothie simply rocks. Nut milk, cacao, banana, dates and our trail clusters make for a real good-times smoothie.  Trail clusters are full of flavour and designed to provide you with sustaining energy. Magnesium from the cacao, omega-3 from chia seeds along with Zinc, selenium, antioxidants and carotene from the goji berries.

1.5 Cups nut milk (almond or macadamia work well)
1 Frozen banana
1 Tablespoon of raw cacao powder or carob (half/half is good)
Hint of vanilla

Blend until super smooth

2-4 dates
1-2 tablespoons of trail clusters

Pulse until roughly blended - making sure you keep some of the crunch.

Serve with a spoon on the side to get the goodies out of the bottom of the cup.