Basic Sauerkraut

A healthy gut means a healthy body; you really are what you eat. Sauerkraut is one of the best foods you could possibly eat and it’s so easy to make your own. If you have digestive problems eating lactic acid fermented vegetables is a must. Your gut is the heart of your inner eco system − keeping it thriving with the right bacteria works wonders on every aspect of your health. Making sauerkraut at home is really simple and organic cabbages are easy to get − and cheap! Don't worry about needing special equipment like a fermenting crock or making massive batches, it only takes a few weeks to ferment small batches and you can use any AEG or mason jars you have around. This version uses a combination of red cabbage and beetroot. You can omit the beetroot and just use more cabbage if preferred. The beets make it slightly sweeter and a more versatile and delicious kraut that you can toss through salads and pile on top of your avo toasts.

You can find the recipe, and 100+ more plant-based recipes by Megan May on The Unbakery App