Blackcurrant Coconut Ice Blocks

I made these ice blocks using antioxidant- and omega 3-rich blackcurrants which have a slightly tart flavour, lending itself to more of a grown-up flavoured pop. That said, my 2-year-old loves them! You can use different berries or fruits that your family loves too. Black Doris plums are in season and would taste amazing next to the coconut in these ice blocks.

In this recipe you will make your own coconut milk – it’s so easy it’s ridiculous, so please give it a go. It’s one of my favourite cheap and easy things to make. I use it as you would any milk and even use it for making curries – you can replace your tins for fresh homemade coconut milk! But if making your own milk (as well as opening a coconut) is a barrier to you trying this recipe, you can always buy some organic coconut cream to use instead – replace the coconut milk and fresh young coconut with 3 cups of coconut cream and increase the amount of sweetener to taste.

Find the recipe featured in Bite Magazine here