Good Macaroons - Vanilla & Almond


Good Macaroons - the ultimate organic indulgence.
Who'd have thought such a simple idea would be loved by so many different people. We guess it helps that they're so delicious...


We mix aromatic vanilla, crunchy activated almonds, and chewy coconut for a classic flavour combination. Light, delicate, and simply perfect.

We are what we eat, so let's eat happy.
We’ve been crafting these little gems since 2010. Our mission remains the same - to make the most delicious plant-based, healthy food, and champion organics in our communities.

Ingredients: Coconut*, Activated Almonds*(24%), Agave*
Maple Syrup*†, Vanilla Extract (1%), Sea Salt*

May Contain: Traces of Tree Nuts, Soy, Sesame

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