Cacao Butter


Not all Cacao is created the same... 

Like wine, each region and harvest has its own flavour characteristics and quality. This is especially true for raw cacao (produced without roasting) which wears its flavour notes very much on its sleeve. 

At Little Bird, we have literally spent years hunting the globe for the best organic raw cacao. From Indonesia to Africa, from the foothills of the Andes to the Amazon. This is the result of that search - what we believe to be the finest quality Cacao available in New Zealand - and of course it is truly raw, organic and fair-trade too. 

Our Raw Cacao Butter is organic and cold pressed from the cacao pods after they are sun-dried (and not heated above 46 deg C during processing). This special stuff helps make the amazing chocolate in our products and the cakes and treats in our Unbakery cafes.


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